Only for cumshots fan

Only for cumshots fan

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Young-Devotion: another great sex artist came out from the web

Today we offer a treat for all lovers of amateur porn well done. This is not news, Germany today is the motherland of the high level porn amateur in the same way as in the '70s thanks to the films of Patricia Rhomberg has introduced in Europe the modern porn. Over the years, German productions have specialized mainly in the amateur subgenre, and thanks to the subsequent spread of the Internet came out real artists of sex. They are not professional actresses but their level of performance has nothing to envy to the great stars. In 2013, on this blog, we presented Klixen, "the handjob Goddess", and her videos are something wonderfully erotic, they are real pearls. The young girl that we present today is fantastic. She obviously is german and her name is Chloe, but on the Internet is known as Young-Devotion. Somehow this pretty and uninhibited girl, 23 years old, embodies what we tried to do with the amateur part of our blog. She’s an exhibitionist girl in love for sex, her videos are not technically perfect but definitely are engaging and exciting. What we propose to you today is just amazing. It's set in a real shopping center, this is amateur porn at its purest and the all is in reality style, as reale is the bathroom where our Chloe gets fucked. At this point we must convince one of our Hotshots Girls to make a video made in this way, it would be fantastic. Maybe we do, to our sexual imagination there is no end ...

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