Only for cumshots fan

Only for cumshots fan

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Alexis Texas, "I Am Legend"

Nicknames mark the existence and proclaim the eternity of myth. Just as Frank Sinatra will always be "The Voice", although after him there were other great voices in the music, or Elvis Presley will always remain "The King", although after him rock music had other kings. This type of argument can be made also for the history of porn and therefore Linda Lovelace will always be "Deep Throat" and Jenna Jameson will be remembered forever as "The Queen". And then, as we have also pointed out in a post a few months ago, despite the porn industry has been characterized by other "Buttwomen", before and after her, Alexis Texas will always be "The Buttwoman" and her ass will be always unforgettable among porn fans. We stress a concept, rather it is a thought because here we talk about personal tastes. The ass of Alexis Texas is not the most beautiful in the adult industry and this palm for us is still firmly in the hands of her great friend Kristina Rose. But if Alexis Texas moves her ass in a scene, this scene will be memorable. If we add to her qualities her look like a panther, her incredible erotic charge and the ability to make it look amazing even the simplest things, we realize that we find in front of a performer who scored important pages in the recent history of porn and continues to mark them and she will also be discussed for many years. All these thoughts came to my mind reviewing an old scene that tonight I want to propose to you. The film is "Buttwoman Returns" and was released in 2009 by Elegant Angel. We believe that it is enough only "tease performance" of our Alexis to make this scene an erotic pearl of immense artistic value but in the same way we believe that should be seen every moment, until the end of its 35 minutes ...

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