Only for cumshots fan

Only for cumshots fan

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Alison Tyler is an amazing car wash girl!

We have a dream! It is actually just one of many dreams and obviously has an erotic flap. You like the sexy car wash? Do not say anything, we know already the answer. Our dream, indeed one of our many dreams, is to open a real sexy car wash where to wash cars are busty girls with outfits that leave little to the imagination. In this way the cars would be less shiny and clean compared to traditional and mechanized washing but we are sure that customers would not protest and indeed would line up to come to us. Do any of you know how to contact Alison Tyler? After watching this video, we decided to take her as the first "car wash girl". Damn It! Lisa and Jewel have just remembered to me that we have not even a car wash and therefore cannot assume any girl. By the way, Jewel gives to me her availability, with her abundant curves and her big tits, to wash my car. I think it's a good discount, because if I take Alison Tyler should I pay her the trip overseas. Lisa reminded me again, brandishing a baseball bat, which we do not have a car wash. A real shame! Hey guys, we have not taken drugs, we are just in a good mood after having feared the worst because of the vicissitudes after Google's decision to ban porn from Blogger. An alarm which fortunately has ceased. Let's go back to the serious part of our blog. Prepare your car and turn down your pants, Alison Tyler is really here with her fantastic big boobs. Today's video which sees the californian artist along with Evan Stone is taken from "Big Boob Splashdown", released by Mike Hunt Inc. in 2013 and directed by Jim Powers ...

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