Only for cumshots fan

Only for cumshots fan

Friday, March 27, 2015

Jodi James, the story continues ...

We are happy if we can stimulate the curiosity of our fans through our stories, or in this case, through the plots of the films. So let's get back on our Jodi James and his adventures in the role of an unfortunate deaf-mute prostitute in the film "Black Beauty. Escape to Eden", released in 2009 by "Bluebird Films". In this way we satisfy the request of Omer, a fan who wrote to us from Turkey that wants see other scenes from this movie, and at the same time leave the door open to the curiosity, because obviously the film continues also after this scene.
We had left our Jodi on the run, after a courageous act of rebellion in which she had stabbed in the chest her cruel pimp. The goal now is to get away as possible from the scene of the crime, because obviously Jodi fears for his life. At the beginning of the road that will lead then to the alleged "Eden", our Jodi asks for a transition to a truck driver. Needless to say he feels strongly attracted by the generous body of our heroine that of course does nothing to hide her "talents", knowing that if she satisfies the cravings of the truck driver, he could take her anywhere. So here begins a very exciting sex scene that takes place in the cab of the truck. Compared to her first performance in the film, Jodi James is much more partecipative and this time is not a taxable person, enjoys and does enjoy, even if the leitmotif the film is that of a prostitute who makes the most of her professional skills, in this case voluntarily, to achieve her goal. And in this case, fuck with a beautiful woman and explode at the end in a gorgeous cumshot in her face and mouth was certainly also the goal of our lucky trucker ...

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