Only for cumshots fan

Only for cumshots fan

Monday, March 30, 2015

Selena Rose, wild, hot and unleashed stripper

Striptease and fuck, the perfect night for every man. I'm not suddenly become a man but since the topic of today are the strip clubs, Mike has told to me clearly that this is my subject. I was a stripper for seven years, I have worked in many clubs in Italy and also in Spain and Austria. I know this reality and its secrets and likewise know the intentions of every man who walks through the door of a strip club. There are a few clubs where you regularly can do sex because it is expected from the same type of local, rather than strip club in this case is a "brothel" obviously legal. I worked mainly in Italy, a country where there is no legal concept of "brothel" and therefore at least theoretically the clubs are places where you can enjoy more or less hot stripteases and especially, of course paying a little more, you can enjoy a customized striptease. Always theoretically the customer could not touch the girl but almost always the body contact is normal and therefore it is equally plain that the customer is very excited. Every good stripper has to know how to bring a man in the roof of excitement without make cum him. Most customers cum inside their pants, just that she is able to rub in the right way and has easy game but more he resists without enjoying, there are more chances that the private show is extended with additional customer spending. The excited man pays so much and does not argue, as I always said when I was working in strip clubs, "the hard cock widens the wallet". The question being asked a lot of people who know little about the reality of these clubs is "to what extent can go a stripper?". There is no rule and this always depends on the girl. There are girls who normally grant sexual performance in private shows but rarely complete, usually handjob or blowjob. According to their vision is part of the show. Others do pay these extra performance, others bring customer outside the club. But there are also those who do not have sex with customers demonstrating that those who does the mathematical equation "stripper equals whore" often makes a mistake. In many clubs, the owners who know the girls and they know who are the ones that provide sexual services, make them go only to highly trusted customers to avoid too much publicity. This idea is also of the owner of the club that is the backdrop in the today’s video. So when Erik Everhard enters in the club and is looking for a girl to have sex, his gaze inevitably falls on sensual Selena Rose but he already knows her. In this movie, "Foreigners", released by Digital Playground in 2011, Selena is  the cousin of the Erik's best friend, starring Manuel Ferrara and this girl, sweet and tender in the day but unleashed and uninhibited in her work at night, is happy when she can cheer the hours spent at the club by the friends of her cousin. Mike told me that Selena Rose in this film is like me when he knew me in a strip club almost five years ago. Of course, after my statement, you will ask to me if I had sex in the strip clubs. But this is my professional secret:-))

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