Only for cumshots fan

Only for cumshots fan

Friday, April 18, 2014

Dana Vespoli, directress and star in "Back in Black"

A common place much abused in the past and unfortunately still in use today in the heads with little brain is to consider the economic need as a spring that pushes a girl to do porn. Although the gain is certainly fundamental in life, in most cases who embarks on a career in the hardcore industry she does so because she loves porn, loves to perform in front of a camera and loves to have sex aware of the glances of other people. Who lives of porn and loves porn can also be creative. Take for example Dana Vespoli, 360 degrees artist, talented and remarkably complete. Her love for porn, in a career that began in 2003 when the american artist of thai origin had exceeded 30 years, has brought our Dana to become one of the most popular directors in America. This past winter I was lucky enough to see a beautiful film, released by Evil Angel in October last year. The title is "Back in Black", a true interracial masterpiece full of anal sex wrote, directed and masterfully played by Dana Vespoli which is almost the absolute protagonist (she’s protagonist in three scenes). In the cast is just another actress, Valentina Nappi, another girl in love for porn. It will be a case ? Taken from this film we enjoy together the third scene that sees Dana directress and star of an unleashed performance by Sean Michaels …

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

With Lexi Belle-Smurfette, Andy San Dimas-Hayley Smith and Chanel Preston-Wonder Woman all is possible ...

One of the key features that constitute the unique beauty of porn is to create fantasies in the fantasies. We find very funny many porn parodies that are based upon the comic book or cartoon characters. In a porn parody becomes possible that Gargamel fucks Smurfette or Roger fucks Hayley Smith and cum in her mouth or, even, an uninhibited Wonder Woman that sucks all cocks of the other Justice League’s members in a wild blow- bang. These are obviously cartoons for adults and since we are adults and vaccinated, we're going to see them together ...

Blond, pretty and delicate. The role of Smurfette seems tailor-made for Lexi Belle. But in this particular village of the Smurfs will happen crazy things of all the colors. Gargamel is greedy of the famous "Smurf’s soup" who has never had the pleasure of tasting but with a Smurfette as our Lexi Belle we believe that this famous evil wizard has preferred to remain with empty stomachs but at least empty his balls. 

Andy San Dimas fucking Roger Smith offered by
For those familiar with the popular animated sitcom American Dad" the character of Roger is certainly very nice. This century old alien comes from the famous Area 51 and since he was established with the humans has tryed to imitate the ways of life and, above all, the vices, such as alcohol and drugs. But his passion is the human body and in this case he found bread for his teeth with a very hot Hayley Smith played by the beautiful Andy San Dimas.

With all due respect for the actresses who have played this role before her, we think that Chanel Preston (pictured) is a perfect Wonder Woman. Says all the name of the character and Chanel is actually a wonder woman in every sense. Only an extraordinary woman can indeed put in place without problems a blow- bang with Superman, Batman, Robin, Green Lantern and Flash ... so it really is a scene by super heroes. 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Andreea Heaven, hot web starlet, has chosen to share her hardcore videos on our Cumshots Girls House

We're really happy today because we present to you a very special girl. Her name is Andreea Heaven and is a well known web starlet. She’s in love for sex and loves to know that there are many men who watch her and enjoy. Andreea is a real exhibitionist but she is not a pornstar, she never plays a role in an adult movie but has an extraordinary talent. We met her by chance and we soon found in perfect agreement because when the people love the same things it is easy to have feeling. And our feeling has led our Andreea today to become part of our blog. She has chosen to be the protagonist of a series of amateur videos that, unlike as we have done in the past with other girls who were not professional actresses, will be shared publicly on our pages. The first video is one of our exclusive, Andreea has chosen to interact with all users of our blog. I reveal a secret of this spectacular artist: she hates to have in front of her a man who keeps his pants and for this reason today she speaks with all of you. We invite you to follow her instructions step by step ...

Our Andreea has also decided to show you in this same post one of her specialties. What happens in next video was definitely not in the program but a pure exhibitionist like her did not let slip the opportunity to offer to all fans of our blog a short but absolutely spectacular video. Andreea , as we said, is a web starlet and makes videos and live shows for users of the Net. When a neighbor knocks on her door she had just finished a hot live webcam show and without any problem, opens the door still half naked and then continues what she was doing to the PC before receiving the visit of this lucky guy, regardless of the newcomer. The end result is this magnificent video. We recommend you to watch it until the end ...when Andreea sent us this video, she told us these words: "The real Cumshot Girls House's my house”. A word is enough to the wise ...
Our Andreea as we said is a next door girl.... you also have the opportunity to get to know and talk directly with her by writing to ...

Monday, April 14, 2014

Hot girls, sex and music ...what a passion! On demand for you our soft and hardcore porn music videos

Friends who follow our blog from more time and who have known us thanks to the many promo videos scattered on the Web, are well aware that porn music videos are our passion. We love to create our own videos with soft or hardcore clips, with sinuous and fantastic bodies of our artists or with their wild sexual performances together with adequate background music. We received an avalanche of mail: some prefer the original background, they want to hear our artists who enjoy on the scene but there are many others of our friends who appreciate our music video because the right music coupled to porn has an effect of excellent audiovisual stimulation of the imagination. Many have requested new music videos to be included on one of our profiles scattered on porn sites from the network or share directly on our blog. From now on, therefore, we give you the opportunity to ask your custom video. You can choose the favorite pornstars and the background music. You can choose a soft or a hardcore video and can decide the sexual situation in which you want to see your favorite actresses. Write to mail all your requests and we can do that by creating the video in the shortest possible time and sending it to your email. In this post you can see two video example, the 1st soft and 2nd hardcore …

Very hot pornstars dancing!!!! di hotshotmodels


I take this opportunity to remind you that you can always ask our amateur videos, writing to the email Available for you some videos shot by Lisa and her friends Heather, Isabel and Candy Slutty with some fans that, like you, follow our blog. We also remind you that there is less than a month at the beginning of our castings in California that will see protagonists our Heather, Candy and Isabel. All American friends who follow us can still send their photos and their personal details to our mail if want to apply to participate in the castings. To those of you who have already been chosen remember that on the day of the casting is necessary to have a recent medical document that demonstrates the negative HIV test. Finally, let me remind you also that you can ask for videos of our Dallya, our web starlet that we presented to you a few days ago, last 6 april. Dallya will realize your hardcore videos on demand, in this case you have to write to

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Bruna Ferraz: very hot spartan from "300: XXX Parody"

Each famous mainstream film has its own porn parody. It's definitely a rule of the modern cinema and how many people might grimace reading this post, if we say with some conviction that many porn parodies are of excellent quality. Take for example "300", the film released in 2007 and directed by Zack Snyder who took inspiration from the graphic novel by Frank Miller. Some have called it a "historical movie" but in reality this film has absolutely nothing of historical. It is a version imaginative and spectacular faithful to a comic-book version that illustrates very freely the heroic deeds of the king of Sparta, Leonidas, at the Battle of Thermopylae. The Miller’s graphic novel and consequently also Snyder's film show us that 300 spartan soldiers withstood to the huge persian army of King Xerxes. In the real history, the army led by Leonidas was made up of over 7,000 soldiers, but when the king of Sparta understood that his defense of the narrow pass at Thermopylae was going to be surrounded by the persians, took away most of the army, and remained to guard the passage with 300 spartans, 700 thespians and 400 thebans, all men who died in battle alongside the heroic king of Sparta. If, then, Miller and Snyder make a liberal interpretation of history, we believe that the "Caballero Home Video" is fully entitled to make a liberal interpretation of the graphic novel and the film. From this vision, of course, in hardcore version, came out a nice movie titled "300: XXX Parody ", released in 2012. Among the protagonists of the film is also the sensual brazilian artist Bruna Ferraz, star of the first scene. It is a spectacular performance of anal sex in which Bruna is a great specialist as most of the brazialian divas. Born in Porto Alegre in 1981, the south american artist has a past as a camgirl by which she has become a true celebrity on the Net before starting her career in porn in 2007. In the cast of this film there are three other very talented brazilian actresses as Julia Paes, Yumi Saito and Morgana Dark, this latter protagonist of a stunning double penetration performance. But now let's enjoy our Bruna Ferraz ...

Bruna Ferraz in 300 offered by

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sasha Grey, anal challenge with Maya Gates in "Meet the fuckers 7"

In the regular career of an artist, there is always an initial phase in which it is necessary to make a run for then scale the heights of professional success. They are few actresses like Sasha Grey that already after less than a year of career in porn in 2006, was adopted by Los Angeles Magazine as the new star that would take the place of Jenna Jameson in the hearts of hardcore movie fans. In five years of her career, Sasha has kept this promise, although until 2011 , the year of her retirement from the set, her role as queen of american porn was often thwarted by Tori Black. The video that we propose today is from 2007, Sasha was taking her first professional satisfactions, the two AVN Awards won in January of that year, even if the most prestigious as "Female Performer of the Year" will arrive in 2008. The californian artist was one of the protagonists of "Meet the fuckers 7", by Zero Tolerance, and together with the expert romanian diva Maya Gates interpreted this wonderful threesome. We can define this masterpiece a real "anal challenge" ...

Anal threesome with Sasha Grey and Maya Gates offered by

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Indian artists: Priya Rai, Anjali Kara, Jazmine Star and Gaya Patal

Among users who already follow us with interest and affection every day we have a great audience from India. It is a great pleasure for us to be followed from this beautiful country and therefore we decided to make a nice gift to our indian friends. In this post we show some of the most talented artists, among those born in India, who have been good to carving out the their little space in a world of varied and difficult as that of porn.

Priya Rai riding a big cock offered by
We begin of course with the queen, the most famous indian diva. The beautiful Priya Rai (pictured) needs no introduction, also in our blog we have already devoted to her a cumshots compilation in the past, published in our page “Pornstars cumshots mix 3". She started her career in mature age, in 2007 she was 29 years old when she played her first hardcore scene (she was born in New Delhi in 1977). For over 12 years, before 2007, she had been one of the most popular strippers and had performed in the most famous american strip clubs. Since then she has worked for major “stars and stripes” productions. For her many fans there is good news, Priya continues her career despite her announcement last summer about her abandonment of the set. The last month has been released by Bang Productions her latest film, "MILF Soup 32", in which she is among the protagonists together with Lisa Ann and Dana Vespoli.

Indian Anjali Kara fucks a fat cock offered by
Another wonderful indian artist is Anjali Kara. She was born in 1982 and began her career in 2003 working in the UK for some of the major british productions. To her credit has thirty scenes from 2003 to 2007, when she passed behind the camera and today is certainly one of the most popular emerging hardcore directors in the UK. Her last film as a director is "Intimacy", released by Daring in november of last year.

She would certainly deserved better luck the beautiful Jazmine Star that we see protagonist of this fantastic scene. For her a little more than a dozen films between 2009 and 2010, including a scene by Hustler in "All new beaver hunt 2". One of the many talented meteors that have passed away unfortunately leaving few traces in the history of porn.

An extraordinary talent is also the last artist of this brief overview. Her name is Gaya Patal and among the indian actresses of recent generation is one of the most complete. She is a great anal performer and excellent in group scenes but she also has not had good fortune. She seemed to have interrupted her career (which began in 2007) in 2010, but last year she’s back on the set and was protagonist in three scenes released by New Sensation.