Only for cumshots fan

Only for cumshots fan

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Seven fantastic scenes with seven beautiful cum swallow: starring Chanel Preston, Valentina Nappi, Bibi Jones, Skin Diamond, Andi Anderson, Mackenzee Pierce, Bobbi Starr and Dana DeArmond.

The month of August is almost over and we have decided to close with fireworks. Many users have asked us a new "Melody Time", an initiative that has characterized periodically our posts where we proposed seven scenes linked by a single theme, as well as seven musical notes to express a symphony. Our new Melody Time today will not travel on a time machine, the scenes that we propose are contemporary and some of them very recent, released this year. The today’s topic is what we often referred to as “the icing on the cake”. What is it that makes perfect a porn scene already beautiful? Of course it is a cum swallow done in a workmanlike manner and our seven artists of today are united by this exciting performance, perhaps the most exciting in the porn cinema. The best is, therefore, in the end, in all these scenes, and we therefore recommend to all our fans to cum as late as possible when you watch one of these videos. 

We begin by Chanel Preston, artist complete in every point of view, which certainly does not lack this ability. Another demonstration in this video, taken from an episode of "Naughty Office" released last year by Naughty America. The situation is the classic one, the secretary fucked by boss with a lot of wild sex on the desk at work. The final sequence, with Chanel looking at his partner who just has exploded his load in her mouth and swallows it all with an incredible natural look of malice, I think it is the dream of all men. 

In the second scene starring a fantastic Valentina Nappi (pictured) and is taken from "Anal Buffet 9", a film released by Evil Angel in January of this year. Honestly, here our Valentina made my cock hard in less than a minute, but the great italian artist always makes me this effect. Once again, is highlighted her incredible skill in anal sex but it is obviously the final sequence to make wonderful this scene when Valentina uses her fairy hands, her mouth and her tongue to make cum the scene partner. After the cumshot, she licking every drop greedily on the body and cock of Cristian Devil and at the end she performs in a masterful swallow, showing satisfaction with her tongue clean of any traces of sperm. 

The third scene is taken from "Nurses 2", adorable and exciting comedy released by Digital Playground in 2012 and the protagonist is the porn-america's sweetheart, the beautiful Bibi Jones. Here we must pay attention to the climax: this is not a movie "all-sex" in which the end is expected a stage spectacularization of cum swallow and Bibi engages in a swallow as if it were the most natural thing in the world, savoring drop by drop and swallowing sperm dripping into her mouth. Really amazing! 

Our protagonist is now the panther Skin Diamond and the film is "Tramp Stamps", released by Smash Pictures last March. It is the classic scene from "icing on the cake", whose artistic value is incredible sequence after sequence. And such a scene requires the icing that arrives on time in the final minutes, with the copious cumshot in her mouth and a swallow by our sensual Skin, all taken by the camera in the foreground. 

Hats off (and pants) once again in the presence of a great artist. She is Andi Anderson, busty boobstar with the buttery body and in "Oil Spilled" by Diabolic Video, film released in 2009, is the protagonist of a great threesome with double penetration. The script therefore provides for two cumshots, both in the mouth, and a most difficult task for our Andi that on the contrary does everything with lightness and incredible craftsmanship. A cum swallow to see and review 100 times. 

Another great swallower in american and international porn industry is undoubtedly Mackenzee Pierce and a further demonstration of her skills is in the scene released in 2009 by Diabolic Video, taken from "Ass Asspiration 10". The final sequence of this video is a true "show of force", the look of our Mackenzee is turned to the camera and cum swallow is absolutely fantastic. 

We close our "Melody Time" today with two authentic queens. They are Bobbi Starr and Dana DeArmond, protagonists of a threesome with a male partner in a scene from "Phat Ass White Body 4" by Jules Jordan (2009). The cumshot allows two artists to stage an intriguing game of spermswapping, played particular after particular and drop after drop because at the end of the scene both will perform in a delicious cum swallow.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Courtney Taylor, fucked and facialized so good

Situations and original scenes in porn? Nothing comes in my mind, maybe because in the porn cinema was made everything and it's hard to imagine a totally new subject. The originality comes from a good mix of good subjects but sometimes a classic scene can become extraordinarily original if there's a perfect unison of the actors, the director and camera operators. What we present in this post is a classic situation. There is a blonde, beautiful and busty girl on the edge of a pool. The camera lingers on her body and shows it in every detail. Here, however, is outside the skill of the director and camera operator and the underwater shots, when the girl enters in the pool, are exceptionally erotic and artistic. The core of it all is of course the performance and the girl is very talented. The sequences of sex in the pool in this video are of extraordinary beauty. Then after less than 10 minutes the scene changes and moves at home, from a purely critical point of view, the change is quite abrupt but at this point of the scene the fuse is already lit. Actors should fuck without interruption. The viewer is already at the peak of excitement, even before or after him will have to cum but our advice is to do it at the end of the scene to be enjoyed all the way down because the video ends with a great facial. The protagonist is the boobstar Courtney Taylor, the scene is taken from the beautiful "Jack Attack 4" released last year by Digital Playground. Enjoy the show ...

Historical cumshots: Brittany O'Connell

A new journey back in time but not too many years, partly because the great diva that we present today is one of those artists for whom it fits the phrase "sometimes they come back". We are delighted that so many young people follow our blog (young and adult of course, because porn is only for consenting adults), especially when we have the chance to show to these guys the stars of the past. Today we talk about Brittany O'Connell, beautiful red Venus in porn of 90s who also had a second part of career from 2008. Our Brittany is californian, was born in Panorama City in 1972 and is a great ethnic mix of irish, russian and Swedish blood. She was 19 y.o. in 1992 when made her debut on set and for nearly a decade has been one of the queens. Brittany is a complete artist, anal sex, double penetration, interracial and group scenes are among her specialties. Her only regret is not to have won the AVN Award, despite 14 nominations. At the end of the 90s her decision to leave the set, but does not abandon the industry. She opens in fact the "Brittany O'Connell Productions", worked as a director and in the moment that begins the spread of online porn, she also opens her website where she offers live entertainment in webcam along with other artists. Meanwhile she has also did a breast surgery. In 2008, returns to the role of actress in "Dirty Rotten Mother Fuckers 2", by Jules Jordan and until 2010 was the protagonist of other scenes of MILF genre. Brittany O'Connell also had a small part in the FX TV Show "Sons of Anarchy" and was the star of a comic book published by Carnal Comics. In this post we can see a beautiful cumshots compilation of this magnificent diva …

Friday, August 29, 2014

Liza Del Sierra, surreal and fetish threesome

Try to imagine the surreal locations created by the genius of Tanya Hyde, full of fetishism with shadows and lights that express the most perverse and unbridled eroticism. Try to imagine a great artist, uninhibited and disruptive as Liza Del Sierra, one of the best talents from the inexhaustible forge of french porn. The result of this scene that we propose today is very spectacular and enthralling, taken from "Preach to the Perverted", a film released in 2011 by Harmony. One of the many pearls in the necklace of Tanya Hyde whose erotic imagination is still one of the most elegantly perverse in hardcore industry worldwide. Liza Del Sierra is magnificent in this scene and her talent is absolutely out of the question. Among the films that they have seen this year starring the french diva, we point out to our fans the porn parody of Austin Powers and two compilations, "Cumshots 2 Eruption" by Elegant Angel and "Anal Overload 2", by Jules Jordan. Now we enjoy with Liza in "Preach to the Perverted" ..

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Three years with you!

These three years have passed quickly, but at the same time have been eventful. When in August 28th of 2011 I decided to create this blog to celebrate my love of a life for porn, I did not expect that this would become so popular. I did not expect that within three years I would have reached a million and a half views total with a daily average that now exceeds three thousand views. I did not expect to receive many e-mails every day and interact with many people from all continents. In these three years the blog has evolved. We started from our thematic pages, first with our eight godmothers and then with many other wonderful divas. We traveled back in time, we admired the stars who have made the history of porn, we celebrated the great events. Late last year the increasingly pressing demands of our fans have pushed us to change the setting, and we have chosen to share in full the most beautiful scenes expressing our comments and our reviews. This has allowed us to reach the current success: a million and a half views overall in three years are an incredible number if we think of the many porn sites scattered around the network, authentic giants. In our small world we are also giants and this is thanks to you that follow us every day. Thanks to my partner, the beautiful and uninhibited Lisa, for her great support. Thanks to Andreea Heaven, our web starlet, that soon you will can enjoy with new videos. Thanks to Isabel, Candy and all the girls who have worked with us. But once again we thank our wonderful fans without whom there not would have been the great success of our Cumshots Girls House. We want to thank you in our way, with a cumshots compilation that we created specially to celebrate with you our three years ...


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Buttwomen's legends: Alexis Texas

Among the Buttwomen in recent porn history, she is without a doubt the most popular and she still holds the title which over the years has been given to the Elegant Angel, although after her there were other Buttwomen. We are of course talking about Alexis Texas: even today, she is 29 y.o. and with over 800 scenes shot in eight-year career, is one of the most popular divas in the world. In chronological order, after Lauren Phoenix and Brianna Love, our Alexis is the third Buttwoman by Elegant Angel, and is the only one among the artists who are ornamented of this virtual title to have starred in three films. After "Alexis Texas is Buttwoman" in 2008, she was protagonist in "Buttwoman Returns" the following year and in the fantastic "Buttwoman vs. Slutwoman" with Kristina Rose, her great friend, in 2010. Born in 1985 in an american military base in Panama, her real name is Thea Alexis Samper. She grew up in Brownwood, Texas, and has studied at Medina Valley High School. Prior to debut in porn in 2006, she worked as a bartender. Her latest film that will be released within a few weeks by "Juicy Entertainment" is "Sexy Blonde, Sexy Addicts". In this post, instead we see in the film that made her famous, "Alexis Texas is Buttwoman", in the first anal sex scene of her career, of course along with her husband, Mr. Pete ...