Only for cumshots fan

Only for cumshots fan

Friday, October 24, 2014

Mischa Brooks and Sheena Shaw, anally impaled by big black cocks

Anal sex, as it is understood in a hardcore scene, requires physical preparation as well as a whole series of "technical" measures. An actress who plays a long anal sex scene usually submit herself to a purge, the ass hole is well lubricated and in some cases is first expanded with some sexual toys. Without these details is likely to become painful, especially if the male partner is a large caliber. We are therefore confident that the two artists that we show today in this post, the protagonists of two beautiful videos,  have implemented many of these devices. 

We start with a wild Mischa Brooks, the young californian diva is the protagonist of a very intense scene from "Balls Deep Anal Nimphos 2" by West Coast Productions, along with the well-known african-american actor Prince Yahshua. It is a literally extraordinary performance but Mischa has grown accustomed her fans for excellent anal evolutions. She is an artist talented and versatile. 

If we talk about versatility, we need to show you a beautiful scene of Sheena Shaw, another great specialist of the B-Side sex. So our Sheena takes in her ass without any problem an huge cock like that of Mandingo, in the seventh chapter of the series "Mandingo Massacre" by Jules Jordan. It is impossible not to enjoy watching this performance, the feline movements of the floridian artist are a feast for the eyes and moreover as juicy cherry on the cake, she completes an already perfect scene with a cum swallow from anthology of porn.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Aletta Ocean, sexy and hot "Hit Girl"

Do you know Hit Girl, the lethal teenager of "Kick-Ass"? Imagine her more adult and much more provocative, can you see Hit Girl with the face and the body of Aletta Ocean? Perhaps it is easier for you by watching this video released by Brazzers this year. In the thrilling third entry of the Spy Hard series, this time we find our hero, agent Jason Blaine, being held by some mobsters looking to get information out of him by any means necessary. Fortunately for him, Danny's owed a favor from the deadliest busty assassin in the world: Aletta Ocean! In her secret identity as a slutty schoolgirl, Aletta was busy in class at the St Brazzers Hall boarding school when she got the call to action from our hero the big dicked secret agent. Aletta came to his rescue, quickly dispatching all of his captors with the kind of finesse only a true martial arts master could manage. To repay her kindness, Danny gives her a piece of his fat cock, fucking her pretty face, her beautiful big tits, and of course her tight pussy before giving her a huge facial and sending her back to class.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Public cumshots: car blowjob and wonderful facial with amateur ebony girl

Another public video, but it is really beautiful and we have to share it now! It is an amateur video, starring this sexy ebony girl with inviting curves and a real talent for sucking cock. Anyone who is the male protagonist of this video is a lucky man to enjoy a performance of car sex really exciting and satisfying. Do not miss the facial ..

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Emma Heart, the next door girl that you would like to fuck every day

“She was 19 years old when she found her way into porn. As one of her aliases says, this is truly the girl-next-door you wish actually had lived next door to you when you were a teenager. Still, better to get to know her late than never. She’s gone from bleached blonde back to a more natural brunette, but her round, plump, hot ass and perfect-handful tits have stayed the same. Whether the scene calls for a little bit of bondage or your everyday teen-flick style fucking, Emma is up for it and she’s got what it takes to make you blow”.
Wkiporno presents with this description the marvelous Emma Heart and I must say that I agree one hundred percent. There are women who inspire sex in its purest form, is something innate. You see them and you wanna have sex anywhere, anyway. In my eyes, Emma does that, by her appearance from the girl next door girl and the inviting roundness of her body. She is an exceptional performer and this is enough to make fall in love with her a true lover of porn. To her credit over 300 scenes with major production companies in the hardcore industry and a marriage with a colleague who in the past has been an actor in mainstream cinema and who later became a movie star in gay porn, Ryan Rockford. In today's post we see our Emma in a scene released by Brazzers in 2010, “The teleporter”, an action porn movie in which the artist from Indiana performs some of her best skills as anal sex and double penetration ...

Public cumshots: Valentina Nappi fucked in a public beach

Meanwhile, let's start this post by asking a big favor to our fans. Every time you look for a video in our blog and this is not available, write to our mail and report the outage, we'll replace it. This has happened in the past and it can happen at other times, unfortunately, does not depend on us. 

With today's post we talk again about the italian queen of porn. I had the opportunity to speak with her a few months ago, Valentina Nappi was enrolled in a well-known site of camgirls and at first I thought it was just a publicity stunt. Instead it was all true and I could not resist the temptation to know her and do an experience of cam to cam. Valentina was up to the task, I paid the show where I really enjoyed. When we finished, I asked if I could talk to her and she accepted and said “do not worry, at this moment I have no other show and then I do not usually tell to the customer “You have cum your load, bye bye ... “, I like to talk”. Valentina Nappi is a very real next door girl, in love with sex. She is educated, intelligent, humorous, sociable, polite and even exhibitionist, dirty and unconventional ... an exceptional woman! And speaking about her innate exhibitionism, there is a very recent video that today we want to show to you. It was released by Bang Bros last August, the title is "Sexy chick fucked on the beach" and that is what happens to our Valentina that offers a sensational performance in a public beach, regardless of the look of other people ...

Valentina Nappi fucking in the beach offered by

Monday, October 20, 2014

Evelyn Lin and Alina Li, chinese porn dolls

After making a short trip to India in the previous post, our choice is to remain in Asia to discuss about the most populous country in the world. We have several fan of chinese nationality but of course none of them live in the motherland. The government of China has been fighting for years its battle against porn but in reality this incredible censorship that still rampant within what was once the Great Wall also concerns many social networks that are not intended for an adult audience but suffer the same cleaver government. It has come to the absurd when the chinese authorities had also promised a sum of money (one thousand euro) to anyone who signaled porn sites that had escaped the censure. In a closed environment so obviously there is no industry of porn but this has not prevented artists of great talent to leave the border of the Dragon and to live and work in the USA. The first chinese artist to generate sexually explicit dreams was Amy Yip, star of the 80s and 90s erotic films including the famous "Sex and Zen". Amy has never starred in porn movies and even in erotic movies has never shot scenes of full nudity. Her body was almost hidden by special shots during filming, so as to generate the term "Yip Tease". This aura of mystery favored the imagination of the public and transformed her into a true icon of sex. In recent times, instead there are two artists who have carved out their well deserved reputation in the american hardcore industry. 

Evelyn Lin was born in China, in Hunan province, in 1987 but was soon moved to California. Her debut on the set was in 2006 in "Asian Street Hookers 45" by Evasive Angel. To her credit over 150 scenes with all the major production companies. In this post we see Evelyn in the movie "House Call Nurses", released in 2012 by Zero Tolerance. 

The chinese artist currently most in demand by filmmakers and producers is Alina Li (pictured), young and daring girl born in Shanghai, just 20 years old, a pure talent absolutely extraordinary. She made her debut on the set last year and in less than a year has become a real star. In recent times there is an extraordinary film by "Digital Playground", released this month, that I saw a few days ago. The title is "Bubble Gum Girls" and it can be considered a porn remake of "Sucker Punch". Alina Li is in the cast along with Veronica Rodriguez, Dakota Skye, Eva Karera, Katerina Kay and Lucy Tyler. But it is only the latest chapter in a series of great performances that have seen beautiful protagonist the young chinese artist, also chosen by Jules Jordan for his eleventh "Oil Overload". In this post we see our Alina protagonist in another scene by Jules Jordan, her magnificent threesome in "Slut Puppies 8". 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Savita Bhabhi and Priya Rai, forbidden dreams of indian men

We are always pleased when we receive an email from countries far away from us. In India for example, according the our stats, our blog has a lot of interest and today has wrote to us a young indian friend. His name is Badal and tells us that he began to follow porn with Savita Bhabhi. Savita is probably the most popular indian pornstar. We have never opened a post dedicated to Savita because she not is a real woman but an adult comics, later became a porn cartoon. They were then made some videos inspired by this magnificent creation, played by real actors, but the comic of Savita remains an icon that is contributing to greater sexual liberalization in a country like India with huge potential but still has a long way to traverse under this point of view.
Besides, the creators of Savita have had many problems in India where the law has always shown its iron fist against porn and in order to avoid criminal convictions they have had to move to Britain, where have continued to develop the stories of their sexy heroine. We do not have a lot of material on Savita Bhabhi, dear Badal. I own a couple of comic books but I have not the cartoon. We did an Internet search and found a short video that we share to satisfy your request. Animated movies like this did excite and enjoy the many men in India who had been forced to years of sexual repression ...

In addition, we add a beautiful video of Priya Rai that is probably the only indian pornstar to have achieved the fame of her comics-colleague. This interracial sequence is taken from "A MILF's Tale 3" by Elegant Angel, released in 2012 ...