Only for cumshots fan

Only for cumshots fan

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Karmen Karma, new deepthroat queen

The competence of Lisa now is exceeding my competence. Irony aside, I did many compliments yesterday with her when she chose to share the video of Jenna Haze, an artist that Lisa loves so much and that scene in particular is divine. But today I want to offer a treat for all lovers of deepthroat blowjob. It is an erotic art that fully satisfies the male ego, there is hardness and submission if it is viewed from the perspective of a man to push a dick to the throat, fuck so deeply a mouth and then enjoy it with satisfaction, especially after seen abundant streams of saliva from the mouth of the girl while you thrust your cock down. Linda Lovelace immortalized the deepthroat, Sasha Grey has even perfected it. But there are also many other very talented artists in this specialty and one that I particularly like is definitely Karmen Karma. Today she is among the best deepthroater if the porn industry and they were of this opinion also fans who voted for her scene on, site specializing in this authentic piece of bravura. There were all queens of american porn, from Chanel Preston to Adriana Chechik, from Riley Reid to Jada Stevens, from Zoey Monroe to Dahlia Sky, to Dillion Harper, Veruca James and Jynx Maze and many more. If fans have chosen Karmen Karma there is a reason. What do you think? Enjoy!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Jenna Haze, washed from the sins of the flesh!

The scene that I propose today needs a premise. Meanwhile I invite anyone who is convinced that sex can somehow be offensive to a religious faith, to not continue reading this post and, above all, not to watch the video. The location might seem blasphemous in the eyes of the most bigoted people because this scene takes place in a confessional. Jenna Haze, in the role of a sinner (very believable) regretted of her sins of the flesh (in this case, much less credible) is confessing her sins to the priest, but he has a special acquittal to return our "regretted Jenna" in the right way. This is a very special priest and penances are very hard, but really hardcore. Jenna is getting ready to be washed from their sins and gives herself to the minister of God, the sequence of the strip view from behind, the happy choice of frame and the incredible sensuality of this extraordinary artist would also melt the ice of the Arctic Circle. Then Jenna offers herself to the greedy hands of his partner and offers to the viewer a frontal view of her slender body. At this point begins the true penance but here there are not prayers to be recited, only a big cock to lick and suck and the same cock then she gets in her pussy with extreme enjoyment. If you think about it, the confessional is a tight space with many holds and therefore offers many solutions to a perfect performance by cowgirl, both reverse that in canonical position, executed to perfection. Guys, eye shortly after the 12th minute of the scene, there is a panoramic shot from above with the face of Jenna Haze in the foreground that genuinely deserves attention. However, if at this point you have not shot your load but even if you did it, please continue the vision because the best is yet to come. The tight space of the confessional is no longer sufficient and our "bad boy" in cassock needs wider spacing but also a space even tighter which in this case is that of the Jenna’s ass. It’s superlative the anal performance in doggy style on one of the benches of this hypothetical church but we must say that in the end the acquittal must be earned. So it's up to Jenna the final touch, with hands and mouth, with the priest who washes every sin from her soul, and above all from her face. I say to you, of course, to those who do not know, this is a famous scene from "Jenna Haze Dark Side", spectacular monographic movie released by Jules Jordan in 2006. Anyone who is offended by this video, I personally have warned before the content. Let me clarify a concept and those who know me well know that. I believe in God but my God is good and merciful. However I cannot believe in a God who condemns rock music or sex. I cannot believe in a God who denies the finer things in life. And then, if you think about it, do you think that commits sin who makes a porn in a fake confessional with a fake priest or who killed and continues to kill even today in the name of God? But that's another story ... guys, let’s enjoy with Jenna Haze, because life is short ...

Friday, March 27, 2015

Jodi James, the story continues ...

We are happy if we can stimulate the curiosity of our fans through our stories, or in this case, through the plots of the films. So let's get back on our Jodi James and his adventures in the role of an unfortunate deaf-mute prostitute in the film "Black Beauty. Escape to Eden", released in 2009 by "Bluebird Films". In this way we satisfy the request of Omer, a fan who wrote to us from Turkey that wants see other scenes from this movie, and at the same time leave the door open to the curiosity, because obviously the film continues also after this scene.
We had left our Jodi on the run, after a courageous act of rebellion in which she had stabbed in the chest her cruel pimp. The goal now is to get away as possible from the scene of the crime, because obviously Jodi fears for his life. At the beginning of the road that will lead then to the alleged "Eden", our Jodi asks for a transition to a truck driver. Needless to say he feels strongly attracted by the generous body of our heroine that of course does nothing to hide her "talents", knowing that if she satisfies the cravings of the truck driver, he could take her anywhere. So here begins a very exciting sex scene that takes place in the cab of the truck. Compared to her first performance in the film, Jodi James is much more partecipative and this time is not a taxable person, enjoys and does enjoy, even if the leitmotif the film is that of a prostitute who makes the most of her professional skills, in this case voluntarily, to achieve her goal. And in this case, fuck with a beautiful woman and explode at the end in a gorgeous cumshot in her face and mouth was certainly also the goal of our lucky trucker ...

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Alexis Texas, "I Am Legend"

Nicknames mark the existence and proclaim the eternity of myth. Just as Frank Sinatra will always be "The Voice", although after him there were other great voices in the music, or Elvis Presley will always remain "The King", although after him rock music had other kings. This type of argument can be made also for the history of porn and therefore Linda Lovelace will always be "Deep Throat" and Jenna Jameson will be remembered forever as "The Queen". And then, as we have also pointed out in a post a few months ago, despite the porn industry has been characterized by other "Buttwomen", before and after her, Alexis Texas will always be "The Buttwoman" and her ass will be always unforgettable among porn fans. We stress a concept, rather it is a thought because here we talk about personal tastes. The ass of Alexis Texas is not the most beautiful in the adult industry and this palm for us is still firmly in the hands of her great friend Kristina Rose. But if Alexis Texas moves her ass in a scene, this scene will be memorable. If we add to her qualities her look like a panther, her incredible erotic charge and the ability to make it look amazing even the simplest things, we realize that we find in front of a performer who scored important pages in the recent history of porn and continues to mark them and she will also be discussed for many years. All these thoughts came to my mind reviewing an old scene that tonight I want to propose to you. The film is "Buttwoman Returns" and was released in 2009 by Elegant Angel. We believe that it is enough only "tease performance" of our Alexis to make this scene an erotic pearl of immense artistic value but in the same way we believe that should be seen every moment, until the end of its 35 minutes ...

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Jodi James, another amazing british performer

The porn made in UK is very high quality and in recent years, thanks to the work of major production companies such as Harmony and Bluebird, and fantastic artists like Nastaha Marley, Samantha Bentley, Jasmine Jae and Ava Dalush, gave us emotions and great enjoyment. Even in british porn, as in all industries in this particular film genre, have passed some artists who have had perhaps a less resonant than those I mentioned above but it certainly left a mark and clearly Jodi James is one of them. This exuberant brunette from statuesque body was one of the best performers from England between the end of the last decade and the beginning of the current one and has also demonstrated remarkable acting abilities. I particularly loved Jodi James in "Black Beauty, Escape to Eden where the british artist played the role of a deaf-mute prostitute forced to flee after killing her pimp. After some ups and downs, of course all of a sexual nature, Jodi ends her escape on a farm but even here the sex will be the constant. The scene that we propose in this film is the initial one, where Jodi is forced to endure the cruelty of her pimp who, no pleased about her gains, decides to punish her in his own way and the broom in a dead cold and dark. The scene has connotations sad and resigned, and also the performance of Jodi, definitely perfect from every point of view, is however in the atmosphere with the initial plot  There's no excitement in her sexual performance, Jodi is passive when she takes cock in different positions and at the end is watered with a rich facial. The scene is obviously leading the way to the film because when he threatens the poor prostitute with a knife, he will be deservedly punished, Jodi snatches the weapon of hand and sticks it in his chest. Here begins his escape to paradise ... but is it such? If you want to know the rest of the story, our advice is to see the film in full.

Valentina Nappi, cumshots collection

Valentina Nappi - The Ultimate Cumshot Compilation

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Superslut of the week: Michelle Moist

One of the reasons why I love Mike is his ability to always find new and interesting ideas. The videos of Torbe that he has proposed in the previous post are very beautiful. Personally I would not do sex with a man like Torbe but with him in person I would do gladly a video. But I might have a problem with him because I am not a good swallower and in my life I swallowed sperm only to a select few guys. And then almost all men want to cum on my tits, I wonder why? Hahaha! But I digress, I now have to present the "superslut" of this week and honestly I took inspiration from that wonderful cum swallow by Aletta Ocean in the video of Torbe. I believe that to be a "superslut", at least in the sense of my section must be erotically overwhelming and you do not need to have sex with two or three men. Just a single man ... just a blowjob. I appeal to men who are reading me. You know well that in the world there are few things more exciting than a blowjob well done. Now I turn to women, they are many that follow our blog. Making good blowjob is a fundamental part of the couple's relationship, and therefore you have to learn to do it well. I'm single at the moment and therefore I do blowjob to those who want it, if they are nice guys, perhaps as the star of this video. She is Michelle Moist, blonde and sexy british artist. She was born in London and is 28 years old, and since 2009 has been involved in over 70 scenes. I do not think that serve too many comments to this oral performance that we are going to watch all together. It is erotic art in its purest form, is the blowjob in its most elegant and perverse side. The cum swallow is the icing on the cake. Hats and even pants off, guys!