Only for cumshots fan

Only for cumshots fan

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Dancing Bear phenomenon

You know Dancing Bear? If you are a porn expert, you surely know all these great videos. The plot is always the same, a club, where there is a bachelorette party, although it is not clear who is the bride among many girls. The customers are only women, and the protagonists of the shows are male strippers by sculpted muscles, shaved and oiled skins, all well equipped with huge cocks. The majority of users who have seen these videos have always wondered where reality stops and where comes the stage fiction. In fact there are frequent bachelorette parties where it happens that some girl has sex with a male stripper. In Dancing Bear this is not a coincidence but the rule and for this reason, everything points to a stage fiction. In these videos the majority of the girls are appearing of room, some models are provided by various agencies and others are absolutely normal girls and out of show business who pay a modest fee to watch a live sex show and to drink for free. The girls doing the sex scenes instead are mostly newcomers in the world of porn, in some cases this is true casting. They are still unknown to the public and this serves to give the idea that they are normal customers. It may happen that among normal girls there is someone who is carried away from the bedlam and ends up having sex with a male stripper. In other cases, some of the models from the agencies receives a small fee to take in hand or mouth a dick, without make cum the boy, and this provides all of the perfect image of a totally amateur party. Reasons why are so many women really horny who wrote to Dancing Bear to participate in a video. In this post we offer you two cumshot compilations, taken from the best of these wonderful works. Good vision.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The triumph of booty art!

You surely remember the fantastic video which saw as protagonists Jennifer Lopez and the australian rapper Iggy Azalea. An ode to sensuality, the erotic appeal that only a nice ass manages to instill in so many men. For this reason, surely, Jennifer Lopez is famous both for her undoubted and versatile artistic quality, both for herfantastic B-Side. We found this video on the net, is a hard version with many beautiful porn inserts, processed and assembled by a talented videomaker. We believe it is right to share it with you.

PS. About the beautiful girl in the gif that is the cover for this post. She is Powerpuff, an exceptional camgirl, to make you enjoy even more we propose the full video. Look it until the end ....

Please Mr. President ... Make Mia Khalifa ambassador to Saudi Arabia

Pornstars that become political figures. In this sense, Italy has offered a route, Ilona Staller was deputy between the benches of the Radical Party from 1987 to 1992 and a member of the commission defense and transport. Alessandra 'Sandy' Balestra, launched by Rocco Siffredi in the 90s, was instead delegated in the canton of Ticino, Switzerland. Now there are those who propose a career in high American diplomacy for Mia Khalifa. After leaving a career in porn, the young Mia has turned into "social starlet", her Twitter and Instagram profiles that are viewed from thousand of fans in the same manner of her hardcore scenes that continue to be released on the web. The petition was launched on '' platform along with others, the result of a movement that intends to send 'serious offers' to President Donald Trump. Among these, in fact, even the suggestion to appoint Mia Khalifa US ambassador to Saudi Arabia. Mia Khalifa in the past would have also received threats by ISIS, considered the use of hijab in some scenes that made her famous worldwide. According to the authors of the petition, "Mia Khalifa has a proven track record of bringing people together regardless of cultural background for the betterment of our country and international community.  She will be a great leader representing us in the middle east as well as a symbol of the melting pot that is America". This is clearly a provocation, the exuberant Mia has certainly not diplomatic experience and, moreover, would be unthinkable a former pornstar of Arab origin in the role of ambassador in an Islamic monarchy. But in the context of a 'protest action' towards those rights still denied to Saudi women, it definitely makes sense. The petition has so far collected 5,444 signatures on the 7,500 planned, goal to reach to be presented to Donald Trump. Now it's the moment to review our Mia in her best role, that of great artist of porn in some unforgettable sexual performances. 

Monday, January 23, 2017

2017 AVN Awards: all the winners

Adriana won and is appropriate to say ... finally!  We had said in 2013, soon after her debut and in our humble opinion, Adriana was the natural heir of Sasha Grey. Adriana remembers Sasha in the body but especially in the performances: she is extreme and with her everything seems possible, Adriana does all with a simple and incredibly natural skill. Adriana is beautiful, smiling, erotic. Adriana Chechik is therefore the new Female Performer of the Year, she has also won an award for best oral sex performance, and there is no doubt that this year the jury awarded the talent above all else. Even among foreign performer, despite the fierce competition, she won Misha Cross for the second consecutive year, demonstrating that this young polish girl with catlike eyes and a slender body like that of a gazelle, has something more than the other non-american artists . Among the confirmations, even that of Kendra Lust, for the second year she is the 'best performer' between the MILF. The novelty is Holly Hendrix, awarded in Las Vegas as the most promising young american porn girl and in this case we expect a great future for this young talent who is only 19 years old, but already shows incredible skills in anal sex and double penetration. Porn is quick to generational change, and there are others who combines the mischievous Holly with Adriana Chechik: actually sacrosanct comparison given that together have been awarded the 'Most Outrageous Sex Scene'. As for the best acting performance, also well-deserved award for Kleio Valentien, 'Best Acrtess' for parody of "Suicide Squad" directed by the genius of Axel Braun. The experienced texan artist has also won the award for the best threesome with two men. Going on the individual scenes, award for the best anal sex performance to Megan Rain, another hugely talented diva, and for the best double penetration to the unleashed Abella Danger. The award for best group scene went to the five fantastic protagonists of "Orgy Master 8": Keisha Grey, Jo Jo Kiss, Casey Calvert, Katrina Jade and Goldie Rush. Finally the blondes, delicates and lustful Alex Grey and Karla Kush have been awarded for the best threesome GGB.

2017 AVN Awards, Female Performer of the Year: Adriana Chechik

2017 AVN Awards, Female Foreign Performer of the Year: Misha Cross

2017 AVN Awards, Best Actress: Kleio Valentien

2017 AVN Awards, Best New Starlet: Holly Hendrix

2017 AVN Awards, MILF Performer of the Year: Kendra Lust