Only for cumshots fan

Only for cumshots fan

Friday, March 17, 2017

Cum control challenge for cock heroes

A feature that makes porn unique in the world is its amazing interactivity with users. People who discriminate porn do this only out of envy, because they recognize the power that it has on the human istincts. The subgenre more interactive in porn is certainly the JOI and I, being a superslut, appreciate it very much. I love lead the show and excites me a lot decide the time and manner of jerks off and cumshot of a man. My dear friend Mike, in addition to fuck very well, is really good at creating their videos and in particular I find it very intriguing. It's a challenge for experts wankers, it is proposed different situations but the rule is only one. To win this challenge you need cum only at the end of the video, when we will tell to you to explode your big load. You are able of doing this? Try it .... watch and enjoy it but do not cheat. This is a serious matter!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Keisha Grey, interracial double penetration

The voluptuous Keisha Grey returns to Dark X, and this time she's taking on 2 BBC's. She starts off teasing the camera, swaying back and forth, her amazing DD breasts and mesmerizing ass are on full display. It's more than obvious this superstar is ready for her DP challenge. Watch as this curvy temptress performs in an intense interracial double penetration scene ...with fantastic double facial in the end of her artistic masterpiece ...

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Relaxing cumshot girls: welcome in our house!

What is your greatest erotic desire? For my part, being lazy by nature, I love to relax and trust in expert hands. Like those of Sasha Foxxx or Remy LaCroix for example. We propose to you a challenge, you have to choose between Sasha and Remy who is the best relaxing cumshot girl. It will not be easy ...

Sasha Foxxx 

Remy LaCroix 

40 years of porn history ... cum after cum!

Over 40 years of the history of porn in an extraordinary cumshot compilation. For many of you, certainly for our more mature fans, it will be a beautiful and exciting dive into the past with an equally intriguing return to the present. Everything perfectly in keeping with our Cumshot Girls House, because as we always say ..a cumshot will save the world ..., more cumshots make it a paradise ...

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Kimmy Granger, cumshots collection

Anny Aurora and Lullu Gun on the Bums Bus

You know the Bums Bus series? We can consider it as a German remake of the hit Bang Bus, where girls who climb on the bus are the protagonists of fabulous sex scenes of all kinds. I chose this video to show the talent of two emerging young German artists, Anny Aurora and Lullu Gun. Good vision!

Eva, the magic BJ girl

The idea is very pretty, we wonder whether it's all true. You thinking? The video plot is this: our heroine is on the bed with her boyfriend and, in the same room, there is her sister who is watching streaming an episode of Game of Thrones. The other girl is so captured by the vision that does not realize what is happening, a fabulous blowjob by her horny sister ending with a delicious cum swallow.

The girl in this video is the protagonist of many beautiful amateur videos that you can find on the Net. Her name is Eve and, as you can see from the next video, is a true lover of oral sex but also a true artist.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Dancing Bear phenomenon

You know Dancing Bear? If you are a porn expert, you surely know all these great videos. The plot is always the same, a club, where there is a bachelorette party, although it is not clear who is the bride among many girls. The customers are only women, and the protagonists of the shows are male strippers by sculpted muscles, shaved and oiled skins, all well equipped with huge cocks. The majority of users who have seen these videos have always wondered where reality stops and where comes the stage fiction. In fact there are frequent bachelorette parties where it happens that some girl has sex with a male stripper. In Dancing Bear this is not a coincidence but the rule and for this reason, everything points to a stage fiction. In these videos the majority of the girls are appearing of room, some models are provided by various agencies and others are absolutely normal girls and out of show business who pay a modest fee to watch a live sex show and to drink for free. The girls doing the sex scenes instead are mostly newcomers in the world of porn, in some cases this is true casting. They are still unknown to the public and this serves to give the idea that they are normal customers. It may happen that among normal girls there is someone who is carried away from the bedlam and ends up having sex with a male stripper. In other cases, some of the models from the agencies receives a small fee to take in hand or mouth a dick, without make cum the boy, and this provides all of the perfect image of a totally amateur party. Reasons why are so many women really horny who wrote to Dancing Bear to participate in a video. In this post we offer you two cumshot compilations, taken from the best of these wonderful works. Good vision.