Only for cumshots fan

Only for cumshots fan

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Alison Tyler is an amazing car wash girl!

We have a dream! It is actually just one of many dreams and obviously has an erotic flap. You like the sexy car wash? Do not say anything, we know already the answer. Our dream, indeed one of our many dreams, is to open a real sexy car wash where to wash cars are busty girls with outfits that leave little to the imagination. In this way the cars would be less shiny and clean compared to traditional and mechanized washing but we are sure that customers would not protest and indeed would line up to come to us. Do any of you know how to contact Alison Tyler? After watching this video, we decided to take her as the first "car wash girl". Damn It! Lisa and Jewel have just remembered to me that we have not even a car wash and therefore cannot assume any girl. By the way, Jewel gives to me her availability, with her abundant curves and her big tits, to wash my car. I think it's a good discount, because if I take Alison Tyler should I pay her the trip overseas. Lisa reminded me again, brandishing a baseball bat, which we do not have a car wash. A real shame! Hey guys, we have not taken drugs, we are just in a good mood after having feared the worst because of the vicissitudes after Google's decision to ban porn from Blogger. An alarm which fortunately has ceased. Let's go back to the serious part of our blog. Prepare your car and turn down your pants, Alison Tyler is really here with her fantastic big boobs. Today's video which sees the californian artist along with Evan Stone is taken from "Big Boob Splashdown", released by Mike Hunt Inc. in 2013 and directed by Jim Powers ...

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Young-Devotion: another great sex artist came out from the web

Today we offer a treat for all lovers of amateur porn well done. This is not news, Germany today is the motherland of the high level porn amateur in the same way as in the '70s thanks to the films of Patricia Rhomberg has introduced in Europe the modern porn. Over the years, German productions have specialized mainly in the amateur subgenre, and thanks to the subsequent spread of the Internet came out real artists of sex. They are not professional actresses but their level of performance has nothing to envy to the great stars. In 2013, on this blog, we presented Klixen, "the handjob Goddess", and her videos are something wonderfully erotic, they are real pearls. The young girl that we present today is fantastic. She obviously is german and her name is Chloe, but on the Internet is known as Young-Devotion. Somehow this pretty and uninhibited girl, 23 years old, embodies what we tried to do with the amateur part of our blog. She’s an exhibitionist girl in love for sex, her videos are not technically perfect but definitely are engaging and exciting. What we propose to you today is just amazing. It's set in a real shopping center, this is amateur porn at its purest and the all is in reality style, as reale is the bathroom where our Chloe gets fucked. At this point we must convince one of our Hotshots Girls to make a video made in this way, it would be fantastic. Maybe we do, to our sexual imagination there is no end ...

Monday, March 2, 2015

Google deletes the change, a fantastic news for all of us!

Nudity and explicit sex will not be banned from Blogger. With a brief speech Google announced that it has changed its mind than it has announced in recent days, because of many negative feedback received from users of the platform. In other words, anyone who runs a blog on the service of Mountain View will continue to publish and share porn content, without running the risk of seeing their pages set as private, or can not be reached by websurfers.
The search engine specifies that in any case the bloggers will continue to label their pages as "adults only", in order to protect minors and those who do not wish to display its contents, showing a notice before the opening and the display. 
A fantastic news for us and for you who follow us for over three and a half years. We will continue to do what we did with all of you who follow us and have submerged  us with email of solidarity. Thanks to exist, you are our true strength!

Mike, Lisa and Jewel

Jada Stevens, Phoenix Marie, Remy LaCroix and Sheena Shaw: poker queens in a real erotic masterpiece

In the past has already happened and it happens even recently. Many have asked me "what do you find so exciting in porn over the sexual act itself? Porn is only matter of wankers". I being madly in love for sex, I find wonderful the vision of the sexual act but the porn goes further. Porn is a show and be studied in detail, not just a camera that records two or more people having sex.
Usually when they do me that question, I prefer to show and this is definitely one of the videos that are shown to emphasize how much of imaginative, irreverent and artistic can be in a porn scene. The scene that we will show you today is from "Brazzers Got Back", of course by Brazzers, released in 2013 and included last year in the movie "Big Wet Butts 12". The protagonists make a real poker of queens, they are Jada Stevens, Phoenix Marie, Sheena Shaw and Remy LaCroix, direct and fucked by Keiran Lee. If his cock is insured for one million dollars it will take a reason and it really takes a dick of this monetary value to satisfy four real superstars. But beyond the scene, the scenery is fantastic, choreography is superb, the music fits like a glove and also Keiran Lee in this "gangsta" look. But the true stars are obviously Jada, Phoenix, Remy and Sheena or, to be more precise, their legendary B-sides. Seeing is believing!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Madison Parker invites you to take the airplane

People who are afraid to fly are so many, much more than we imagine. Fly often, if this is possible, is the best antidote against the fear. If we look at the statistics, there are many more victims on the streets by car accident in comparison with the airplane crashes. It’s clear that the same thought of not being able to keep our feet on the ground makes the fear of fly stronger, on the contrary we go in the car every day. Today, however, we suggest a method against the fear of flying but they are necessary imagination, boldness, desire to enjoy and, above all, she is necessary Madison Parker. She is not the only "slutty stewardess" in the history of porn, I can think of at least a dozen artists who have worn this clothes and among the most recent is Lexi Belle in the porn parody of Superman or all the group of the "Fly Girls", Katsuni, Jesse Jane, Jenna Haze and Riley Steele, in the homonymous movie signed by Digital Playground. But Madison, with her flamboyant uniform and black gloves, her mischievous smile and her "self-sacrifice" in the successful attempt to cheer the hours of flight personnel, deserves a worldwide place among the best stewardess. Our Madison interpreted twice these role in as many films released in 2009 by Marc Dorcel: "Flight to Ibiza" and "First Class". The first scene that we propose in this post is taken from the first film and is admirable the way in which Madison Parker devotes all herself to one of the pilots of the airplane.
In "First Class" the hungarian artist tops herself. The stress of a day in flight can be heavy, there is nothing better than Madison’s blowjobs to release the tension.

In this case we want to say that at best there is no end and therefore could not miss the highlight of the artistic repertoire of the diva from Budapest, the double penetration. So you just need to fasten your seat belts and get down your pants …

Friday, February 27, 2015

Webcam World: Horny camgirl double jizzed on her mouth

You know what is one of the categories of the most envied men in the world? I tell you, are the neighbors of the camgirls. If you have visited sites of webcam sex chat you know that there are many camgirls fucked by the neighbors. In reality, and this is word of a former camgirl, the neighbors are husbands or boyfriends who obviously help the girls in their work because there are many customers who ask shows of couple with man. Threesome in webcams are rare things, just because there not are pornstars in webcam and the camgirls that have a husband or boyfriend usually does not have sex with other men. In truth this is a custom and not a rule. I made sex with Mike and he is the boyfriend of Lisa. Lisa made sex with some fans of our blog during the casting and all our Hotshots Girls in their videos made sex with men who were not their husbands or boyfriends. We're talking about porn and doing porn is having sex in front of the cameras almost always people with no connection in love. Porn is a show designed especially for those who are on the other side of the video. So let's get to today's video, this camgirl is engaged with two men and both cum in her mouth. Perhaps one is the boyfriend but the other who is? Waiting to find out, we enjoy with this nice video ...

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Handjob at Tiffany's

We are respectful of the rules and therefore we adjust to the new rules imposed by Google. In the email we received, Google invite us to remove images and movies of sex and nudity in our blog, but we cannot do this because the topic of our blog is the porn cinema. We can talk at length about this, we have already received many messages in the mail from our fans who assure us that they will continue to follow us forever and they also told to us that these new rules go against the freedom of expression that should be normal on the Net. We thank you and we agree with you, but those are the rules, and therefore we must adapt. Among our projects is to transform our blog into a real website and keep doing what we're doing in the last three and a half years. This thing takes time, however, is probably a project that we will do. Meanwhile, let's go on.
When a man has bad thoughts and is stressed out, we always agree to believe that the best way to avoid stress is make sex. A nice cumshot relaxes the nerves, that's for sure. You know better than us that there are many ways to cum and the most direct way is a nice handjob. Even better if there's another hand to work for you, a sensual and delicate hand as that of Tiffany Taylor. So watch the next video and think that the cock that Tiffany care so passionately is your cock. Relax with her ...