Only for cumshots fan

Only for cumshots fan

Monday, March 2, 2015

Google deletes the change, a fantastic news for all of us!

Nudity and explicit sex will not be banned from Blogger. With a brief speech Google announced that it has changed its mind than it has announced in recent days, because of many negative feedback received from users of the platform. In other words, anyone who runs a blog on the service of Mountain View will continue to publish and share porn content, without running the risk of seeing their pages set as private, or can not be reached by websurfers.
The search engine specifies that in any case the bloggers will continue to label their pages as "adults only", in order to protect minors and those who do not wish to display its contents, showing a notice before the opening and the display. 
A fantastic news for us and for you who follow us for over three and a half years. We will continue to do what we did with all of you who follow us and have submerged  us with email of solidarity. Thanks to exist, you are our true strength!

Mike, Lisa and Jewel

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