Only for cumshots fan

Only for cumshots fan

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Celebrate the "Women's Day" with Jesse Jane, Kayden Kross, Katsuni, Raven Alexis and Riley Steele

Today is March 8, and the world is celebrating the "Women's Day". I hope not to bore you with a little historical premise but I am a woman and it is right to remember a symbolic date for celebrate the beginning of the journey towards the women’s emancipation that in many countries of the world is still utopian. I also want to clear a "false history". It is not true that on March 8, is related to a tragic event. There has never been a fire, on March 8, 1908, in the shirt factory "Cottons" in New York, a factory never existed. Over the years it was confusion with another tragedy happened in the Big Apple, March 25, 1911 when the burning of the factory "Triangle" caused the death of 143 workers including 23 women. In reality on March 8, the Women's Day which is celebrated today, has roots that arise from the international socialist movement of women, when in 1907 Clara Zetkin, delegate of the German Social Democratic Party and leader of the labor movement, and Rosa Luxemburg, theoric of Marxist revolution and founder of the Polish Socialist Party and the German Communist Party, organized the First International Conference of the woman.

Now let's go in arguments certainly in keeping with our blog. Contrary to what the feminists say, porn has made a strong contribution to freedom of thought and a consequent emancipation of women under the point of view of sex. In the United States in the 70's the incredible success of "Deep Throat" has had more effects than a hundred feminist demonstrations and I never understood this great fury against the porn from the feminists. Today we want to celebrate women with a video that features only women. It is the great lesbian group scene from the movie "Body Heat", released in 2010 by Digital Playground. The cast of this masterpiece - surely among the most successful movies by the giant of american porn - is stellar: Jesse Jane, Riley Steele, Kayden Kross, Katsuni, Raven Alexis and Bridgette B. With the exception of Bridgette B., other five divas are the stars of this spectacular scene that concludes a movie really well done, both from the point of view of the plot that the aspect of the sex scenes. Good March 8 to all women and to all our fans!

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