Only for cumshots fan

Only for cumshots fan

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Jenna Haze, washed from the sins of the flesh!

The scene that I propose today needs a premise. Meanwhile I invite anyone who is convinced that sex can somehow be offensive to a religious faith, to not continue reading this post and, above all, not to watch the video. The location might seem blasphemous in the eyes of the most bigoted people because this scene takes place in a confessional. Jenna Haze, in the role of a sinner (very believable) regretted of her sins of the flesh (in this case, much less credible) is confessing her sins to the priest, but he has a special acquittal to return our "regretted Jenna" in the right way. This is a very special priest and penances are very hard, but really hardcore. Jenna is getting ready to be washed from their sins and gives herself to the minister of God, the sequence of the strip view from behind, the happy choice of frame and the incredible sensuality of this extraordinary artist would also melt the ice of the Arctic Circle. Then Jenna offers herself to the greedy hands of his partner and offers to the viewer a frontal view of her slender body. At this point begins the true penance but here there are not prayers to be recited, only a big cock to lick and suck and the same cock then she gets in her pussy with extreme enjoyment. If you think about it, the confessional is a tight space with many holds and therefore offers many solutions to a perfect performance by cowgirl, both reverse that in canonical position, executed to perfection. Guys, eye shortly after the 12th minute of the scene, there is a panoramic shot from above with the face of Jenna Haze in the foreground that genuinely deserves attention. However, if at this point you have not shot your load but even if you did it, please continue the vision because the best is yet to come. The tight space of the confessional is no longer sufficient and our "bad boy" in cassock needs wider spacing but also a space even tighter which in this case is that of the Jenna’s ass. It’s superlative the anal performance in doggy style on one of the benches of this hypothetical church but we must say that in the end the acquittal must be earned. So it's up to Jenna the final touch, with hands and mouth, with the priest who washes every sin from her soul, and above all from her face. I say to you, of course, to those who do not know, this is a famous scene from "Jenna Haze Dark Side", spectacular monographic movie released by Jules Jordan in 2006. Anyone who is offended by this video, I personally have warned before the content. Let me clarify a concept and those who know me well know that. I believe in God but my God is good and merciful. However I cannot believe in a God who condemns rock music or sex. I cannot believe in a God who denies the finer things in life. And then, if you think about it, do you think that commits sin who makes a porn in a fake confessional with a fake priest or who killed and continues to kill even today in the name of God? But that's another story ... guys, let’s enjoy with Jenna Haze, because life is short ...

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  1. This is my best scene of all time, which is from a movie that is in my top 5 of all time, featuring my favorite Pornstar of all time! Wonderful post!

    I would also add that the cowgirl around 12:00 is also a great setup, wetting of your appetite, for the doggie anal. Jenna's ass looks so appetizing in that cowgirl. You just want to reach through the screen and squeeze it yourself. Then when she bends over the pew and takes that fat cock in her tiny ass! I'm just at a loss for words to describe the feeling at that moment.