Only for cumshots fan

Only for cumshots fan

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Superslut of the week: Michelle Moist

One of the reasons why I love Mike is his ability to always find new and interesting ideas. The videos of Torbe that he has proposed in the previous post are very beautiful. Personally I would not do sex with a man like Torbe but with him in person I would do gladly a video. But I might have a problem with him because I am not a good swallower and in my life I swallowed sperm only to a select few guys. And then almost all men want to cum on my tits, I wonder why? Hahaha! But I digress, I now have to present the "superslut" of this week and honestly I took inspiration from that wonderful cum swallow by Aletta Ocean in the video of Torbe. I believe that to be a "superslut", at least in the sense of my section must be erotically overwhelming and you do not need to have sex with two or three men. Just a single man ... just a blowjob. I appeal to men who are reading me. You know well that in the world there are few things more exciting than a blowjob well done. Now I turn to women, they are many that follow our blog. Making good blowjob is a fundamental part of the couple's relationship, and therefore you have to learn to do it well. I'm single at the moment and therefore I do blowjob to those who want it, if they are nice guys, perhaps as the star of this video. She is Michelle Moist, blonde and sexy british artist. She was born in London and is 28 years old, and since 2009 has been involved in over 70 scenes. I do not think that serve too many comments to this oral performance that we are going to watch all together. It is erotic art in its purest form, is the blowjob in its most elegant and perverse side. The cum swallow is the icing on the cake. Hats and even pants off, guys!

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  1. I Very much agree with you about this, and too have only swallowed a few times with ex's but I do like it with my husband, and his friend too ( once in awhile!!), however they usually both cum on my face but I do swallow what I can!! :-) Angela