Only for cumshots fan

Only for cumshots fan

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Webcam World: two famous camgirls, TastyRaissa and Anna Dagostini

To do camgirls and to become famous among fans of virtual sex around the world. It can of course thanks to the Internet, a camgirl is a creature of the Net and naturally it publishes photos and images of her. Most of the images taken by a camgirl show on a site are "stolen" by the users themselves who then share it in the most famous free porn sites. It's not a nice thing but in some cases this can lead to camgirl luck and lots of new customers. It's free advertising, there are the web surfers who are content to watch the video, but many others want to try a live show. I think it's the case of the two girls protagonists of today's video that I share in this section dedicated to sex in webcam. The first girl is TastyRaissa, she comes from Latvia, slender and flexible body, inviting smile and extraordinary erotic charge. Now, as you can see from her picture quite recent (pictured above), compared to the video that we offer she has changed her look. She is redhead now but also did a surgery to increase her breast. Her videos were shared on many sites and are really special because the customer who registered the show he also recorded and edited the video in "cam to cam style". The show is true, as you can see yourself. He writes to her that wants to see, jerks his cock and finally stands up and cum in the foreground, while she simulates a blowjob using her dildo. They are three the videos on the Internet of TastyRaissa in cam to cam version, all with the same customer and in the third he cum twice. It's really pretty her expression, docile and obedient while plays in webcam and she is almost amused. In the end Raissa is evidently pleased for his cumshot ...

The second video is more classic, is an intense fuck in webcam and the protagonist has become famous thanks to some video on network initially stolen. It is an idea that liked so much to Anna Dagostini, also known by the nickname Annabellexxx,  who later began to promote herself on the Net publishing her videos. She is from Costa Rica and is a spectacular brunette with perfect body. Her performance in webcam has nothing to envy to that of a famous pornstars ...

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