Only for cumshots fan

Only for cumshots fan

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Beautiful Meteors: Dolce Sara, from webcam to porn

Dear guys tonight I do myself in three. Can you wipe the drool from your mouth? I do not mean to tell you that I fuck with three men, in my life I got only two men together. I will however say that with this post very special touch three sections of our blog, all together. Mike gave to me this idea, unintentionally, because a few days ago we viewed together an italian porn released some years ago. The protagonist was Dolce Sara, a former camgirl well known in the industry of cyber sex at least ten years ago, when the phenomenon in Italy was in its infancy. Mike knows her so good because he was one of her customers, Dolce Sara then has attempted in 2006 the jump from webcam to porn, certainly with little luck despite her undoubted qualities. To her credit only five movies, all italian productions, from 2006 to 2008. I touch the section of "meteors" with her but also that of the webcams, even if only superficially, which is why I apologize to my friend Jewel for violating her territory. I wanted initially to share the video that we saw that night but Mike got me to choose another video. It's a threesome with two women and a man and the female partner of Dolce Sara is another camgirl. "The other girl – Mike told me - not is a common camgirl because she was one of the first in Italy to make known publicly in a popular TV show the reality of cyber sex". She was known by the nickname of "Monella20" and like with Dolce Sara, at that time Mike was one of her customers. Aside from yet another confirmation that I have at home a man perpetually horny, but I already knew that and I must say that I do not mind, I found a video that strangely I had never seen. The main protagonist is Dolce Sara because Monella plays a role almost by fluffer and her performance is limited to blowjob addition to lesbian sequences with her colleague and friend. But in the end our Monella makes us the great honor to take a cumshot in her mouth as well as a spermswap not bad with Dolce Sara. The scene is very enjoyable and with this threesome I even touch my section, "Two are better than one". Practically a checkmate in three moves in addition to proving that I am a woman democratic because I open the door of our blog for two other women who in the past have made cum Mike, in addition to our dear friend Jewel that unlike Dolce Sara and Monella did cum him in live scene. I think is a gesture of great democracy. Maybe soon avenge myself, forewarned is forearmed! I joke of course, we are a couple open-minded. Good view!

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