Only for cumshots fan

Only for cumshots fan

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Superslut of the week: Honey Demon

What is your criteria when you choose a superslut of the week? This question was asked to me by a fan of our blog that wrote me an email very pretty. His name is Fadel and writes from France. He wants to know specifically how I choose the video from many hot performances by very extraordinary actresses. My dear french friend, the video is a transposition of myself. When I see an exciting video I think about what I would do at that time. So in the case of today's video starring Honey Demon, definitely my erotic dream is to get me fucked by three men. It is an absolutely beautiful scene, from "Young Harlots: Bad Behavior" released by Private in 2011. This magnificent romanian performer, hot as hell fire so her stage name is very appropriate, does really her best in satisfying three stallions as Danny D, Tony De Sergio and Omar Williams. The preview is very short and already after less than a minute the greedy hands of three men rummaging on the body of our Honey and almost immediately switching to a juicy triple blowjob. The Omar’s big black dick is definitely the most challenging and fills her whole mouth. Then in center stage comes a triple penetration, Honey Demon takes all three cocks in all available holes and the first lucky man to fuck her ass is Tony De Sergio. Absolutely fantastic to see how the three successively alternate to fuck her, in rostering or all together, pussy or ass makes no difference because Honey Demon is welcoming in every performance. The three good friends go from a double penetration to just only dick in her ass, from a brilliant reverse cowgirl to a double blowjob. There are absolutely no breaks, this is wild sex in its purest and is absolutely heavenly. At minute 23 begins a sequence which I think is even more exciting of the many double penetrations that we have already seen. The three men are almost in a drag race to fuck Honey Demon in doggy style. According to you who cum first? Tony De Sergio decides to inaugurate with a copious spurt of cum between her buttocks, the second is Danny D who performs in one of his powershot that made him famous. Finally Omar Williams, with the dripping hot sperm on her butt and thighs as if it were a sweet cream garnishing. Now is the time to clean up and the avid tongue of Honey Demon taste again those three cocks and makes them neat, shiny and bright. The young romanian artist confirms to be an extraordinary performer and, definitely, a real superslut!

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