Only for cumshots fan

Only for cumshots fan

Friday, April 3, 2015

The anal philosofy of Sofia Gucci

Do you want know a curious thing about anal sex? According to the respected opinion of a beautiful girl and great artist, the big cock in her ass hurts less than with a normal measurement. It's all a matter of air, because in anal performance when man pushes if air passes between the walls of the anus, this step will cause to the woman a feeling of pain. If your cock is big perfectly fills the space and does not cause a change of air. The air also passes into a vaginal intercourse but while in this case is easily expelled, this does not happen in anal sex. In the foreword of this scene that we show you in this post, this concept is explained by Sofia Gucci to Franco Trentalance. The video is in italian language and therefore we do this premise for the many fans of our blog that not speak italian. If you want to know what Sofia tells in this video before her performance, is the concept that we wrote at the beginning of the post. So this is the anal philosophy of the beautiful italian-romanian diva and, coincidentally, the title of the film from which is taken this scene is "Ass Philosofy 7", released in 2012 by ATV Entertainment. The scene is technically perfect because our Sofia is really a specialist of anal sex. If we have to add our own personal note, the scene would be really perfect with a cum swallow but as we know, she not swallows. If you know well all the scenes of the career of Sofia Gucci, you will notice that the final of this video is definitely a classic for her. It often happens that Sofia does cum her scene partner with an handjob and when he is about to explode his load into her mouth, she prepares tongue so that the sketches cannot get to the bottom and keeps the sperm in her mouth just for scene matters but spits almost immediately. But Sofia is in any case a great artist and then, swallowers are not made, they’re born …

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