Only for cumshots fan

Only for cumshots fan

Sunday, April 26, 2015

New Starlets: Mia Khalifa

In less than six months of career she was already able to do talk about herself in the world. She is Mia Khalifa and by the power of the Net has become a star despite playing so far only in twelve scenes. But her fate was sealed since the day when, last October, she has decided to enter in the porn industry. Primarily, because she was born in a muslim country. Mia is lebanese, she was born in Beirut in 1993, but moved to the US with her family when she was seven y.o. She spent her teen years in Maryland and studied at the University of El Paso, Texas. Later she moved to Miami in 2011 and married a US citizen. She start in porn last October in a video released by Bang Bros and her fame, thanks to her juicy body, her facial features typical of the Middle East and her undoubted erotic charge, has spread like a wildfire. It was the video "Stepmom and GF share BF's dick" to make her famous, and unfortunately for her, to also create problems for her safety. In this video Mia Khalifa and Julianna Vega recite wearing a hijab, the traditional veil of muslim women. Besides the body of Mia is decorated with some tattoos in which appear a phrase of the lebanese anthem and the cross symbol of the Christian-conservative party of Lebanon. All this was enough to let her in the sights of islamic fundamentalists and our Mia has received heavy criticism but also death threats. She is a cheerful girl, full of life and especially aware of her talent and also of the great free publicity that all this fuss has brought. Before long, her videos are among the most viewed on the well known porn sites and in this Mia Khalifa surpassed divas more experienced and well established. In this post we see the lebanese starlet in a video recently released, always by Bang Bros. We enjoy together with "Mia Khalifa First Monster Cock Threesome", a spectacular interracial threesome released at the end of last January ...

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