Only for cumshots fan

Only for cumshots fan

Monday, April 13, 2015

The BigB's corner: "Petite Anal", starring Dakota Skye

Today it gives me great pleasure to share a truly monumental scene with all of you. This scene features the very sexy and very petite Kota Sky aka Dakota Skye and Tyler Nixon. This scene titled "Petite Anal" was released November of 2014 by Petite HD Porn and don't be surprised if you see this one up for awards in the coming year.
First off I want to point out the resemblance that Tyler has with James Franco. It's kind of scary actually. :) Second, James did a movie called "127 Hours" that was based on the true story of a mountain climber who ends up becoming trapped and has to do something unthinkable to get himself free and to ultimately survive. Now we have Tyler hiking through mountains that look very similar to the the mountains that James was hiking. Except Tyler has brought a gorgeous woman with him and his hike ends in a way that all of us would like to end our hikes!
As I said earlier the scene starts with the couple hiking in what I can only assume is the Santa Monica Mountains. Tyler can't keep his hands off of Kota and who can really blame him. The couple start to get frisky which includes a quick blowjob and some anal play. They quickly move back to their home and the fun really starts.
Kota shows off how limber she is as she pulls her legs back damn near behind her ears to give Tyler open access to her pussy and her ass. He does a great job teasing her clit and asshole with his fingers and his tongue. Kota immediately is very vocal and really sells the lust that is building up inside her. The camera angles do a great job of showing her clit becoming more and more engorged which I think immediately moves this scene up a notch.
While Kota is bent over Tyler finally slides his cock in her tight ass. The cameraman does a great job of capturing the gasp that Kota lets out as soon as the head of Tylers cock is finally inside of her. This moment happens precisely at 7:37 and kicks the scene up another notch. During this doggie section you are treated to wonderful canera angles. Both performers are wrapped up in their passion together and it really shows.
Kota then lays with her stomach on the bed as Tyler continues to fuck her ass from behind. Her facial expressions and moans are beyond orgasmic. At one moment you are watching the action and then you are pulled in to such an angle that you could literally be part of the action. Yet again, the scene is elevated another notch.
They then change positions slightly so that they are both lying on their side. The two don't miss a beat here. Tyler is furiously driving his cock into Kota's ass and she is getting off constantly. Seeing her small tits bounce with his thrusts as she rubs her clit and watches him thrusting into her is truly awesome! This just adds to the overall excitement and kicks the scene up even another notch.
Tyler eventually pulls her back to the edge of the bed and starts fucking her missionary/pile driver while he is standing. Eventually Tyler pulls out and spreads her ass and labia for all of us to see. Not wasting much time he plunges his cock back deep into her ass for more deep fucking. Once again the camera man works his magic because we are really given great angles to see all of Kota's beauty. My favorite position of the scene is when Kota has her legs together, pulled as far back as she can get them with her arms wrapped around them. It's remarkable, sexy, beautiful, and sweet all at the same time. Again, the scene is elevated another notch.
The scene then cuts to Kota jerking Tyler off. Before he comes she is moaning in such a way that really shows how bad she wants his cum. It doesn't take long before he explodes on her face. Kota looks proud of her work and drained, but she is still horny. Now in most scenes and for most couples this would be the end of the scene, but not for these two. They are getting ready to take this scene to heights that you don't get to see on a daily basis. Yes, you guessed it, they kick it up another notch!
Tyler pushes Kota back on the bed and then lays down. He has Kota mount him cowgirl, but not for sex. This is for her to rub her clit against his dick and have another orgasm. Watching her get off while her face is covered in cum is priceless and makes this scene one of the best I've seen in a long time.
Throughout the scene you are treated to raw passionate sex. This is made evident by Kota's continuous moans and also her inability to formulate complete words during those moans. She is into the action from start to finish and gives a grade A performance. There are multiple times that you can see her body shuddering as she is either having mini orgasms or full blown orgasms. Tyler also gives a great performance and consistently gives the viewers great angles which the camera man is able to capture flawlessly. I sincerely hope all of you enjoy every second of this scene like I have.

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