Only for cumshots fan

Only for cumshots fan

Thursday, April 2, 2015

The BigB's corner: "La reporter", starring Olivia Del Rio

What constitutes a great porn movie? That question in and of itself is a hard one to answer definitively. For me it boils down to a certain feeling I get while viewing a movie. It is something that comes from deep inside that drives me to not skip forward, but instead watch it as the director intended, second to second, minute to minute, opening credits to closing credits.
I found such a movie recently, titled "La Reporter" which was released in 1997. It is an Italian production directed by Alex Perry and released via Top Line. A french version was also released by Colmax. It stars the Brazilian Goddess Olivia Del Rio. At the time of filming Olivia was 28 and in her 3rd year as a porn performer.
Since this movie was shot in Italian and no English version was made I am unable to understand the dialog. That didn't stop me from watching it from start to finish though. The cast gives believable performances and sucked me in immediately. Like opera, you don't always have to understand every word to enjoy a great performance. The movie centers around Olivia who is a reporter that works for "Channel 23". She is working on a story about the affluent Chris Charming. Olivia and her crew are invited to his estate for a deeper interview.
You are quickly shown that some devious plan is in motion with Chris' assistant, played by Baby Nielsen, and the keeper of the grounds, played by Orlando Fioravanti. After an attempted sexual advance made by Baby, Orlando lets her know that now is not the time for that.
Then we are taken to the first true sex scene featuring the amazing Olivia and Chris Charming. Olivia slowly undresses to reveal some beautiful white cotton lingerie she is wearing underneath. She looks absolutely amazing from head to toe and gives a sultry and passionate performance. Chris has a huge cock and Olivia shows that she can handle every inch. Her blowjob is shot in multiple angles letting us see the pure enjoyment she is having while his cock is in her mouth. She then sits on the edge of the couch as Chris plunges into her in a standing missionary position. I submit to you that when they change positions you are treated to something that I think is absolutely remarkable. Standing up you see Olivia effortlessly lift her right leg up over Chris' shoulder. Wow! They continue to fuck while they are both standing, albiet Olivia is doing all of this on one leg. Baby peaks in for a moment and then walks away. Olivia then turns around and takes Chris' cock in her ass. After some wonderful anal Olivia moves to her knees taking his cock in her hands, stroking it feverishly for his cum. Chris provides a hefty cumshot all over Olivia's face as she strokes and sucks him dry. Her eyes looking up at him are golden here.
Now we catch up with the camera men, Davide Gladio and Eros Cristaldi, in their room working on their film equipment. Their made, Mylena, comes to their room and clearly has no problem giving the two men what they want. Eros doesn't waste anytime as he begins to eat her pussy while she undresses. Mylena then crawls on the bed and gives Davide a blowjob followed quickly by Eros fucking her doggie style. Mylena then lays down so Eros can lay behind her and continue fucking her while her mouth is still working on Davide. This quickly turns into Mylena performing reverse cowgirl. Baby once again makes an appearance opening the door to catch a quick glimpse of the action before leaving. The scene finishes with Myana having her chin and chest covered in cum from both guys as she lays on her back.
Afterwards we have Baby going to the restroom and making a call to Orlando to make sure things are still a go. Is it just me or are scenes of women sitting on the toilet more prevalent in this era than any other? Back to the movie. :) After another interview Olivia and her crew head back to the station to deliver the interview tape. During Olivia's debrief the phone rings and it is Chris inviting Olivia back out to his estate. As she is headed that way the police investigator, played by Mario Spada, decides to give the station a call and talks to the main anchor who is played by Dino Cassio. It appears that the police are aso investigating something that has to do with Chris.
We then find Olivia and Chris chatting at his estate while she is wearing a wire, apparently in her right earring which she quickly removes. This is when the diabolical plan begins to hatch. Chris has apparently had his drink drugged and passes out on the couch while Olivia tries to wake him up. Baby and Orlando walk in and grab Olivia. Orlando grabs Olivia's crotch and starts to rub and finger her to show that he is now in control. As Olivia's crew tries to make their way into the residence they are waved off by Mario. The police walk in just as Orlando is forcing Olivia to lick the finger he just had shoved in her pussy. Olivia's performance here is what sold me. She definitely looks scared and unsure of what is going to happen to her. Orlando and Baby are hauled off by the police and Olivia is now safe.
As Olivia makes her way back to the station she finds Eros and asks for the recording that was made while she was wearing the wire. It is clear that Olivia is falling for Chris and she doesn't want him to get into any trouble. Back at the police station Baby is questioned by Mario. During the interview she spreads her legs enough to show Mario that she isn't wearing any panties. This is definitely a nod to Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct. She teases herself and Mario throughout the interview. When the interview ends Baby walks out and appears to be free.
We then find Olivia talking to Chris, it seems like she is confessing her feelings to him and asking for permission to report on something specific. When he gives his blessing she immediately calls the station and releases the story. Dino goes live immediately. Mario sees this and orders his partner Mark to do something which appears to end the investigation.
Now that all is solved we are taken to a scene featuring Olivia and Chris for a second time. I can't recall many movies where I have seen two scenes with the exact same performers so this is a welcomed treat. Olivia and Chris are dancing. As they dance off screen clothed, they come back into screen naked. A nice touch from the director I think. Olivia is wearing some sexy blue lingerie and once again looks absolutely amazing! Unlike the first time, Chris gets on his knees and enjoys Olivia's sweet pussy with his tongue. Then he stands up and slides his huge cock into Olivia's pussy as she is sitting on the counter top. They then switch to doggie while the director gives us multiple angles of the action. As if Olivia's pussy isn't enough Chris eventually pulls his cock out and slides it into her ass. Then we see Chris' cock move from Olivia's ass directly into her mouth as she gives him another stunning blowjob. With Cris sitting on a stool Olivia mounts him reverse cowgirl to please her pussy again. This position really allows you to see Olivia in all her beauty. She eventually climbs off, turns around, and mounts him again for some cowgirl anal. When Chris is ready to explode she drops to her knees to take another great facial from him. Her face is covered and she is clearly satisfied by that.
We are immediately taken to another scene involving Baby Nielsen, Donna D'Enrico, and Orlando. I was happy to see that we weren't going to go the entire movie without seeing Baby get hers! The scene starts with Baby eating Donna's pussy while Donna sucks Orlando's cock. Orlando then takes Donna from behind as she kisses on Baby. But, quicker than you can believe Orlando moves to anal. Then even quicker the positions change and you have Orlanda fucking someone in the ass missionary style. Then it is back to the original doggie anal position. Some creative editing I think. :) Then Donna finally gets Baby's panties off and the site is definitely something to behold. You can see clear as day that Baby is soaking wet. I happened to really love the site of that. Orlando continues to fuck Donna's ass as she works away at Baby's inviting pussy. Orlando then lays on the bed as he gets a blowjob from both ladies, Donna on his right and Baby on his left. The next position for this threesome sees Donna on her back with her ass high in the air for Orlando to eat her pussy. Baby joins in for a brief second and then Orlando decides its time for more anal. With Orlando pile driving Donna, Baby moves back down to kiss Donna some more. Orlando eventually cums on Donna's ass and pussy with a brief moment of Orlando bringing his cock to Donna's mouth. Overall this scene was disjointed.
Next we find Olivia pulling up to her residence after spending a night with Chris. This time Eros is waiting for her with flowers. He has clearly been waiting for a long time. He's pissed off at Olivia and he lets her know it. She slaps him and heads into the house. Eros follows and apologizes while confessing his feelings for her. Olivia comes back into the scene covered in a towel and is moved by Eros. The two embrace as Olivia's towel falls to the floor as well as the flowers Eros was holding. Next we find Olivia straddling Eros' face as he sits back on the couch. These two have clearly been looking forward to this moment because they are both super passionate and sexy in it. Olivia squeezing her breasts as she gets her pussy tended to is a site to see. She eventually lowers herself down and give Eros another amazing Olivia blowjob. When Olivia is done she mounts Eros reverse cowgirl. This is a view you should not miss. Olivia then turns around and goes for cowgirl this time, but with Eros cock in her ass. After Olivia works over Eros for a bit they then move to doggie anal where Eros drives deep into Olvia's ass. The finale is when Eros pulls out, Olivia sits next to the side of the couch as Eros positions himself above Olivia. He jerks his cock over her face as he cums all over her. She doesn't hesitate to grab his cock and milk him for all he's got. You are left with Olivia, covered in cum, rubbing one of the roses that Eros brought her over her pussy. The movie fades out with a shot of Olivia's beautiful pussy sitting in front of the flowers.
This was a great movie and one that featured 3 scenes with the extremely beautiful and talented Olivia Del Rio. I would recommend this movie to anyone wanting to see not only her in action, but also to those who would like to see a well shot and well delivered movie.


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