Only for cumshots fan

Only for cumshots fan

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Happy birthday little great Kristina

It is right to give to Kristina what is of Kristina. Needless to point out to you that we love Kristina Rose and we are emotionally and artistically linked to this magnificent california girl. Often we offered you her scenes, it's nice to see them and review them because Kristina is one of those women in love for sex and this is evident in every performance. So it seemed to us a right thing to offer you a video of Kristina during her thirty-first birthday, it was not an easy choice because we are talking about an artist who has played in over 600 scenes from 2007 to present. We could choose a compilation as we did on the occasion of the birthday of many artists, the last one was Angel Dark. But then we thought of a video that enclose a bit all the Kristina’s skill, to start from the extreme sensuality, harmony, eroticism and wild lust of her tease performance. I have already said this once, to see Kristina Rose while dancing or fucking for me it makes little difference because in both circumstances she can be overwhelming to my eyes. Her ass for me is the most beautiful of the porn industry but the best thing about this artist is the great energy that she is able to convey to anyone who looks and enjoy her. Obviously without mentioning her enormous artistic qualities, her ability to anal sex or deepthroat, just to tell two. With this video, therefore, taken from "Gapeland" and released by Live Gonzo in 2012, we celebrate together the birthday of Kristina. Happy birthday, little big star!


  1. I normally don't fall in love with the dancing/teasing at the beginning of a lot of scenes, but you are absolutely right! Just that dance alone is enough for me!

    1. Kristina dances the same way that she fucks, is absolutely amazing ..