Only for cumshots fan

Only for cumshots fan

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Superslut of the week: Chelsie Rae

Hello everyone, I'm Jewel and I’m back for a new post and a new "superslut". Meanwhile, I take advantage of this post to respond to some who have asked to my mail, which is always, my videos. You need not be surprised if before that I send my video I always ask "where are you from?". It is certainly not my intention to violate your privacy or come to your home (even if many of you would not mind this thing hahaha) . As I have always said in my mails and in my posts, I'm not a pornstar but only a fan of this blog as you. So if I ask you is for my own safety, I will not find my neighbor or my brother who see me while I'm fucked or do a blowjob on video. That said, let's move to superslut of this week. I chose a talented american artist that in this video is truly spectacular. She is Chelsie Rae and the film is "Up'er white ass 3" released by Black Market in 2013. It is a magnificent anal interracial scene beginning with a recurring theme of porn movies. A beautiful girl, almost naked near a swimming pool, which taken from the heat and desire begins to masturbate. I've always thought of doing so, but I do not have a pool, and then I'm sure would not get a stallion to fuck me so good. In the case of our Chelsie gets a black stallion, the fiery and wild Julius Ceazher. At this point the dream of Chelsie becomes reality, I think any woman with a lot of good things available to would like to taste that big black stick and make a ride worthy of the name. The couple begins to have sex outdoors but honestly, this must have been the thought of our Chelsie, the fucking is too good and it’s better to enjoy it in peace, at home. So they continues to fuck inside the home and is genuinely the case to try the black mamba in the ass. Inside the hot and welcoming ass of Chelsie, after having broken through it to perfection, he makes a first copious creampie with her that expels all the sperm out with great skill. The shots in the foreground, which focus the viewer's attention on every detail, are fantastic. But a real stallion cannot certainly end his labors after only one cumshot and after his enjoyment Julius starts to fuck again Chelsie until the best moment of the entire video. The script provides the cumshot in the mouth with swallow and he takes a few minutes before to cum, jerks his dick and finally explodes. The hot and luscious liquid all goes into the Chelsie’s mouth and she ends her performance with a cum swallow really done in a workmanlike manner, all in the foreground. Congratulations!

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