Only for cumshots fan

Only for cumshots fan

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Another memorable scene that created the myth of Sasha Grey

We have already published this scene in the past on our blog but we are flooded by e-mail of our fans who want to see some of the most beautiful scenes of Sasha Grey. If we do this, we need a blog just for the most beautiful scenes of Sasha, also because you cannot see an ugly scene when the camera is in front of this unforgettable and unforgotten californian diva. There is a particular film in which Sasha, in addition to the extraordinary talents of performers who are recognized to her worldwide, has shown for the first time to be a great actress.
In my opinion "Throat: A Cautionary Tale" is one of the five best films in the history of porn. The main character of this sad story from the tragic ending is Julie and is custom built for our Sasha. Julie is a pornstar famous for her deepthroat talent and at the same time is exploited by her boyfriend that she loves despite everything. Eddie (the Julie's boyfriend played by Trent Tesoro), in an utterly unscrupulous way, knows that she can get what he wants. He sees Julia as a machine to have sex or make money, and in the scene that we show today he organizes a blowbang in order to get as much money to buy a Harley. The blowbangers are standing in line in a garage or a warehouse at the bottom of a wooden staircase. There are about twenty guys waiting to get their cocks sucked. The routine is for each man to pay Eddie before he walks up the stairs and enters Julie's room. For the most part, she is already on her knees. This image of her is very striking and sad. When the first man enters her room, she looks very willing to perform the deed. She sucks him well with a smooth, steady motion. She gags at the end and he cums in her open mouth. Astonishingly, Julie looks quite content as the second man appears. The lady strokes him off on her face. The woman wipes her face with her fingers and tastes his goo. The third guy shows up. She takes his cock without any reluctance. Her deepthroat of him makes her gag. She jacks him off too. Afterwards, Julie rips a paper towel off a roll. We feel sorry for the young woman. This routine of ripping off a paper towel continues after each succeeding blowbanger.
This is simply a part of the history of this film, one of the most intense scenes. "Throat: A Cautionary Tale", released by Vivid in 2008 and winner of five AVN Awards, is a real masterpiece. If you have not seen this film, you have definitely missed something important, therefore, you have to fix it. Among the protagonists, over Sasha Grey, also a fantastic Penny Flame. But meanwhile we enjoy with Sasha ...

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