Only for cumshots fan

Only for cumshots fan

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Bonnie Rotten and Janice Griffith, the "squirtwomen"

Hello, I am always your Jewel and this post was not expected of me. But Mike asked to me to write the presentation. “It is a topic that you know very well”, Mike said to me and actually he's right. Today, dear fans of our blog we talk of "squirting". Who has seen my video, the one where Mike fucks me, knows that I am a good "squirtwoman" and the first part of the video is in fact one of my "solo performance" of masturbation and squirting.
I guess you know what is the squirting. It must be said that not all women are able to do so. The squirting is a type of purely vaginal orgasm, is obtained by repeated and strong stimulation of G-spot that is located just before the start of the vaginal cavity, in the upper wall. This stimulation causes the awakening of a residual in Skene's glands (also known as female prostate) in some women and there is the need to urinate. If you not hold it, you have this particularly intense type of orgasm. The liquid expelled further characterizes this practice and if expelled violently and with jets can be called squirting, but if the quantities are smaller and the power of expulsion is low it is called "gushing".

In the today’s post the protagonists are two great artists among the best squirtwomen of the porn industry, Bonnie Rotten and Janice Griffith in a beautiful threesome with Manuel Ferrara. The film is "Squirt in my face”, released last year by Jules Jordan. We see it together, it’s ok for you? But you have to make a promise to your Jewel ... put away trousers and underpants, this video is born to be watched with hard cock!

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