Only for cumshots fan

Only for cumshots fan

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Julie Skyhigh, the erotic hurricane came from Belgium

There is no doubt that Internet has transformed porn in something for everyone. For men of my generation the erotic drives linked to porn were from magazines that we kept carefully hidden at home, then it was the turn of the VHS video and then DVD. With the Internet today is easy to see and enjoy porn and if this is definitely a positive factor because among other things has allowed us to share with you our passion with this blog, from another point of view porn has lost that side hidden and almost romantic, that moment of prohibited escape from the quotidianity. All in all, we believe that it is better this way, we are convinced that porn should be accessible to all fans, and they are really a lots. One goal of our blog is to give to this cinematic genre the dignity that it deserves and to recognize the work of many professional men and women.
The widespread diffusion of the Internet has also allowed some girls in love for porn to share their passion and show to the people all their great beauty and sensuality. Many stars are born from the web and also if they not are professional pornstars but only because they are far away from major production companies, in the same time they are some fundamental pillars of porn in the world. There are many, would not be enough ten blogs to make a complete list. Today, in this post we present one of these girls, a real erotic hurricane. She comes from Belgium, her name is Julie Skyhigh and was born in Brussels almost 24 years ago.
A past as a stripper, a present of fetish model and web starlet, our Julie is in love for sex and loves real contact with her fans that sometimes involves in her videos. She was protagonist in some spectacular gangbang, one in particular has been included in a video released by a german production company. The others are available on her official website and on many video sharing sites scattered around the web. The video starring Julie Skyhigh that we show today is a splendid example of perfect work Pro-Am. The scene takes place in the backstage of a strip club and our Julie performs in a stunning gangbang with non-professional actors. It is something amazing, made even more fascinating by almost amateur shots. A real treat that we offer on our blog for your enjoyment ...

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