Only for cumshots fan

Only for cumshots fan

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Latest productions: Double Black Penetration 4

With DOUBLE BLACK PENETRATION 4, JULES JORDAN VIDEO, and Director, Prince Yahshua, return for the fourth installment of the popular interracial double penetration series, which pairs cock-hungry starlets with well hung black men, who fill each of their holes.

DOUBLE BLACK PENETRATION 4, presents a total of 4 individual scenes, all of which, have a starting point, whether it be a scripted segment, or merely one featuring a tease. Below is a breakdown of each of the scenes' components. 

Scene 1: Jasmine Jae and Prince Yahshua and Rico Strong
We open with Jasmine Jae in the shower. Her body is soaped up, as she slowly caresses her front, and then her back, as the camera makes focus of her ass. She then rinses off with the held held, before stepping out to towel off. The camera then watches, as Jasmine dresses in a matching orange and aqua blue bra and panties set, followed by a pair of heels. This, before she joins Prince Yahshua downstairs. Prince is in a towel, however that soon comes off, as we see Jasmine proceed to slowly suck his cock, lubing it up nice with spit. Next up, Jasmine is strips of her panties, as soon, things go into doggy, as Prince takes her from behind. It's here that Prince plugs away at Jasmine's pussy, at an even pace. It is during this that they are interrupted by the ringing of the doorbell. It's Rico Strong. Prince had forgotten that he had invited him over to talk about business. It's after Rico comes in that Jasmine continues to suck cock, while Prince attempts to talk things over with Rico. However, Prince is too distracted by the good head being dealt by Jasmine. Rico is also uncomfortable, because he says that Prince is "buck naked with boots on, getting his balls licked" Its then that Prince invites Rico to join in, and without hesitation, he does. Jasmine goes on to work on Rico's cock, while Prince takes her from behind again, as he pounds away. After Prince does some fingering, they then take things to the couch, as the men switch places as Prince takes a seat to have his dick sucked, while Rico is in and out of the pussy from doggy. However next, Jasmine is on Prince is cowgirl as he hits it hard, while Jasmine sucks Rico off. The position then switches to reverse cowgirl as Jasmine is on Rico, who takes her ass instead. As Rico's pace increases, she sucks Prince off for a time. But it's next, that Prince gets a shot of that ass, as things between he and Jasmine go into doggy. Prince from her, eventually goes deep as he half-straddles the ass. After this, Jasmine takes time to suck the cocks clean, before she goes on to mount Prince as he takes her pussy. This, while Rico takes the ass, as the double penetrate her. Reverse cowgirl is seen next, as Rico occupies Jasmine's asshole, and Prince, her pussy. From here, the 2 guys fuck Jasmine's holes hard, as she beg for it harder. This lasts until Prince fucks the ass briefly in missionary, and in side fuck, as Jasmine's legs are held tightly. It's from here, that she is double penetrated again, as Rico also fucks the pussy. However, next, she goes down on Prince to lick on his balls, while Rico fucks her ass from behind. Next up, it's cowgirl again, as Prince goes on to fuck Jasmine's pussy, as Rico watches on. This action lasting until Prince finally creampies her as he pumps her pussy with his load. This is then followed up by Rico shooting his load into Jasmine's mouth for the finish.

Scene 2: Zoey Monroe and Prince Yahshua and Rico Strong
This scene begins in black and white, as Zoey dances in front of a mirror. Shes wearing lingerie, but her tits are out, as we get a look at her from the front and back. Zoey is then by a fireplace, as things revert back to color. Her face is the focus here. before she her then crawl across an extended couch. This, as she finger herself with her middle finger. She is then on her back, as she spreads her pussy. This, before she is the approached by Prince Yahshua, and Rico Strong. ------- Zoey takes the her knees to begin things, as she sucks off both men, as she alternate between cocks. Things the take to the couch, where Prince fucks Zoey's pussy from behind, as she suck Rico's cock. From here, we see Prince slam into Zoey hard, at a quick pace. Next, the guys switch places. as Rico is next to hit it from behind. From here, as Rico increases his pace, Prince also fucks her face, Next, we see Prince pound the pussy hard in cowgirl, prior to Rico soon joining in to take the as, as Zoey is double penetrated. It's from this position, that the goes are in and out of both holes fast. Double the sucking follows, which next leads to reverse cowgirl, as Zoey's ass is fucked by Rico as Zoey bounces on the cock. However, soon, Prince joins in to take the pussy, Here, the 2 guys fuck her holes hard. Next, Prince fucks Zoey's ass for a time, prior to we seeing her squat onto Rico's cock, as he fills her ass with it. This results in he fucking it hard, and fast for a time. This is followed up by Rico then switching holes. to allow Prince to come in and take Zoey's pussy as the fuck her holes simultaneously, once again. Next, after trading off on cocks, as she sucks them, Prince has his way, as he briefly fucks Zoey's face. This then leads Prince to fuck Zoey's ass, as she is spread out for reverse cowgirl, this while Rico takes up the pussy. More sucking follows this, until we see Zoey's ass fucked as she bounce it on the cock from a side-saddle position. After briefly bouncing, Rico, from here, takes over to fuck the ass at a fast pace, before handing her off to Prince, who next fucks the ass from behind, as the camera gives us a view from underneath. This lasts until both men jerk off to blast Zoey in the mouth with their loads, first Prince, and then Rico.
Scene 3: Kate England and Prince Yahshua and Rico Strong 
Next, we have Kate England, as she stands in front of a patterned wall, while posing in all black lingerie. Initially, the camera's focus is Kate's plump ass. However, soon, the camera pans up as Kate reveals her tits. pulling down the bra. After some more posing, the focus is then the ass, as we trail Kate. as she walks up some stairs. After that, we see her straightening up pillows. This is shortly before we learn via conversation that Kate is a maid, who was hired by Prince. Meanwhile, roommates Prince and Rico are in the living room, watching the game, when the topic of conversation is in fact the "exotic maid". Prince and Rico talk about how neither of them have gotten some pussy. However, Prince believes that the two of them sitting around oiled up, and shirtless, should do the trick. Unfortunately, it doesn't work, as Kate comes to the living room to clean, and is seemingly unfazed. However, it's when Kate asks for help to move the couch that Prince soon takes the initiative, as he bends Kate over said couch, to fuck her from behind. It's soon, that a jealous Rico joins in to have his cock sucked on by Kate. This continues. as Prince continues to pound. Kate then switches ends, as she is then sucking Prince, as Rico fucks her in doggy. From here, with one foot on the couch, Rico plugs the pussy deep. Following this, Kate climbs on for cowgirl with Prince. He goes on to fuck her for a time, until she is double penetrated, as Rico soon joins in to fuck the ass. This happens for time, before we see Kate trade off on sucking both cocks with ease. Next up, Kate is on her back and spread out, as Rico fucks her ass, while she sucks off Prince. Following this, Prince has a time with the ass, before Kate is DPed again from cowgirl, as Rico takes her pussy, and Prince her ass. This, as they fuck Kate hard. After this, however the position switches to reverse cowgirl. From here, Rico fucks the ass, as Kate's pussy is agape for Prince, who soon enters to fuck deep, as Kate is again double penetrated. From here, Prince eventually straddles to fuck harder and faster. Following some more cock sucking after, Kate goes on to ride Prince's dick in cowgirl, as he pumps her pussy, fucking it until he cums inside of her. Next up, Rico does the same, but instead, he fucks Kate's ass until ultimately climaxing for a double creampie finish. 

Scene 4: Kristina Rose and Prince Yahshua and Ricky Johnson
 Next, we have a tease segment featuring Kristina Rose, who first, pops, and twerks her healthy ass for the camera. This carries over, as we see Kristina take to a chair, both on her knees, and while half-straddling it, as she continues to pop her juicy ass. Following this, Kristina then gets her tits out to play with them, shorty before we go into scripted story. ------- The story kicks off, as Prince Yahshua's Nephew Ricky Johnson arrives. Ricky is amazed by Uncle Prince's lavish house upon arrival. This, as Prince welcomes him to anything in his home. Prince's girlfriend Kristina Rose comes out, and Ricky is also impressed with her. She's looking hot, so when she goes upstairs, Prince is soon to follow, as he leaves Ricky downstairs to watch TV. However, after some time, and not being able to find the TV remote, Ricky goes upstairs, only to find Prince and Kristina having sex, as Prince fucks Kristina in doggy, following a blowjob. Prince then goes back to what he said, everything that is his, is Ricky's too, and he meant it. This, as Ricky soon joins in. Kristina first sucks his cock, while Prince continues to fuck her from behind. Next however, they switch, as Ricky is next to hit the pussy. From here, Kristina continues to suck Prince's cock, while Ricky increases his pave, fucking pussy hard. Following this, Kristina rides Prince in cowgirl for a time, until she goes on to climb on to Ricky next, as he again pounds her hard and fast, which has Kristina screaming out in pleasure. This is followed by Kristina going on to suck both cocks, before Kristina, again climbs on Rick for cowgirl as she bounces steady, prior to Prince taking her ass, as she is double penetrated, and fucked steady. There is a break, as Prince leaves Ricky and Kristina solo, until once again joining in. However this time, the fuck the holes harder. The guys then switch places for more of the same, until Prince takes Kristina into missionary briefly. This, before we see Rick fuck the pussy both from side fuck, and missionary, as well. Next, Prince goes on to fuck Kristina's ass hard and fast in reverse cowgirl, as she sucks off Ricky. This then leads to Ricky fucking Kristina in the ass, both from standard doggy, and also as he straddles her. Prince then does the same briefly, prior to things returning to reverse cowgirl for them, only this time, Ricky simultaneously fucks the pussy. It's after this, that Kristina is back to sucking both cocks until both guys jerk off to cum in Kristina's eager mouth.

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