Only for cumshots fan

Only for cumshots fan

Monday, January 16, 2017

Britney Amber, boobjob and phone calling

Among the funny things that have happened to me in sex, there's a telephone conversation of a girl who, despite she talking on the phone, did not leave my dick. In fact if you choose to go and fuck with a prostitute, her phone rings often. Usually a real professional leaves the ring but in that case, could not help but respond, she chatted for five minutes continue to strokes and jerks my cock. Needless to say that the situation has me excited and I squirted my load while she was speaking. When closed the phone, she apologized: I had paid for fuck and thus she made me cum again. From my experience, two pieces of advice for you: the first about pay sex, if you decide to fuck a prostitute choose carefully and do not seek the most economic. Spend more money can be hard to deal with but a girl that costs more money offers most guarantees for your good sex. The second suggestion concerns the phone, even if you happen to such a situation you do not stop ... can be very exciting. Do not believe us? See for yourself that does our Britney Amber, engaged in this fantastic boobjob and in a phone calling. 
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