Only for cumshots fan

Only for cumshots fan

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Naomi, a caretaker so dirty

Everyone at school! A theme certainly very used in porn, with more or less provocative schoolgirls fucked by the professor and the dean. Today, however, we want to emphasize the working class because the protagonist of the video that we propose to you in this post is a caretaker. A caretaker very young and mischievous interpreted by the hungarian artist Naomi when she was 18 y.o. and was just a newcomer in the industry. The director of this scene is Mario Salieri, the king of italian pornchic. The works of Salieri have lost those plots articulated they had marked them in the '90s but some, like this, are full of perverse fascination as that which arises in sex between a young girl and a very mature man. The mature man is the 'legendary' Edy Montana, one of the few actors able to emit piercing screams when explodes his cum. I have always found it funny but in this case the video is enhanced by a final perversion that, personally, makes me really excited. Discover it yourself watching this video.

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