Only for cumshots fan

Only for cumshots fan

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Best movies of 2015: Undisputed

Released by Jules Jordan Video 2/28/2015
Genre: Interracial
Director: Prince Yahshua
Cast: Dani Daniels, Prince Yahshua, Maddy O’Reilly, Dana DeArmond, Riley Reid
Length: 134:25 minutes
Scene One: Dani Daniels, the all natural hotty featured on the lower left corner of the front cover, was up first teasing in her cover outfit, a knowing smile on her face as the camera scanned and panned her body on the outside landing on the sunny day. Her generous ass was shaken, not stirred and she showed a great deal of confidence as she sat by the fireplace to continue caressing herself. The camera repeatedly caught her dazzling eyes and varied camera angles were edited into the tease montage, her hairy snatch in full view as she laid on the black and white rug spreading her legs. Prince Yahshua then walked in to enjoy the show, Dani getting up to kiss him in playful fashion, her hands roaming around his body just as his felt her up at length too. She unfastened his shirt buttons and helped him take off his pants, his turgid rob bouncing out of his pants for her to aggressively suck, Dani’s knob slobbing including her hand at first, then both hands, as she savored his meaty member while looking up at him adoringly. The hand to gland friction added something to the mix and she then coaxed him to reciprocate by wiggling her heart shaped ass, Prince sitting down to let her blow him just a bit longer before she vaginally mounted him for some very active riding. As they tried other positions, Prince rimmed her and gobbled her gash, Dani purring in appreciation for his oral efforts. When he took her in doggy the friction was strong enough to push her limits but she pushed back to meet his thrusts as her juicy ass rippled delightfully well. The oral and vaginal fun continued until she pushed him over the edge, a realistic vaginal creampie resulting as she milked his balls dry of semen, Dani embracing him as his seed slid out of her in the chemistry filled encounter. The company website described the scene like this: “Dani Daniels Interracial Creampie. Trying to heal race relations all by herself, or maybe she just likes big black cock, Dani Daniels takes all Prince Yahshua has to offer and loves every second of it. From the oddly titled UNDISPUTED come an interracial fuckfest not to be missed by the discerning porn viewer. So don't miss this one.”

Scene Two: Maddy O’Reilly, the cute booty babe featured on the lower right corner of the front cover, was up next as the perky redhead teased out by the pool in her bright blue bikini. The footage included a lot of slow motion booty shaking and some nice close up shots of her eyes, Maddy’s alluring nature brought forth as she encouraged the camera to go back and forth from her eyes to her ass. Maddy then walked into the living room as the music faded out, Prince Yahshua ordering her to stop as he walked over to her with a collar and leash, Maddy crawling on the floor as she followed his commands. She was in her bikini and he wore a black suit, the gal made to drink from a metal bowl with her head down and ass in the air as he lightly caressed her form. He took off her collar and they kissed like long lost lovers, Prince getting rough with her which seemed to turn her on. She pushed him back on the white couch and licked his stomach, his six pack a bit less refined than his leanest times but enough to keep her interested, Maddy soon actively sucking his cock and nuzzling his nuts while using her saliva as the primary lubricant. Her devoted oral included her hands and eye contact, some whispers of what they were planning to do exciting both of them as she jerked him off and took about half his pecker in her mouth during the sloppy head. He dove between her legs to taste her from there, slapping her inner thigh aggressively which worked for her before he turned her over to enjoy her ass orally, the couple starting with some active vaginal positions though transitioning to anal before long as she aurally coaxed him to bone her increasingly hard. Prince went balls deep inside of her ass and she loved it, some acrobatic flipping scaring her a bit but looking interesting, the one time the slow motion worked for me the best. Slutty Maddy loved that he went back down on her from there, more fucking leading to her ass milking his balls dry of sperm, Maddy assuming the kneeling position for him to feed her his manly fluids that Maddy swallowed down with a smile.

Scene Three: Dana DeArmond, the most seasoned of ladies in the movie by far, was up next in her classic black lingerie as seen featured on the upper left corner of the front cover with her splendid ass in the air. Her tease was presented in black and white in the living room, the almost cheesecake poses she provided making the best use of her tight, lean figure. It’s tough to believe that she’s been in porn ten years now but she has run the gamut of genres to reinvent herself as needed on a repeated basis, finding herself back in gonzo to work with top male talent like Prince Yahshua with her flexible body. The tease turned to color and the music slowed down as she entered the bedroom where Prince lounged on the bed, Dana kissing him and gyrating over his form as he felt her slightly hairy pussy. She reacted a bit much for the little he touched her but she seemed flattered that his growing erection showed he found her appealing, Dana licking and sucking him without hands as she performed some yoga moves while inhaling his cock. She drooled on him as lube to jerk him off, moving to remove her shoes and panties which led to Prince spreading her legs to devour her crotch and ass, Dana enjoying his oral ministrations as he hungrily licked and sucked her juices while choking her a bit. He then started porking her pussy hard in missionary, Dana not able to actively ride though she did stick her fingers in her ass, Prince going back down on her which led to her warning him that he was “going to get it” as he teased her and then how he was going to “break” her pussy as he went balls deep inside. She blew him before taking him in her ass, his cock plowing her rounded rump easily as she diddled her kitty, a pronounced anal gape observed when he pulled out though more oral was given and she seemed to appreciate his girth spreading her so wide. This kept up until she gently whispered for him to give it up, Prince blasting her face with his load that she teased out every last drop as she allowed the fluids to grace her chest and mug rather than swallow them.

Scene Four: Riley Reid, the darling little lady featured on the upper right hand corner of the front cover, was up last in her pink cover bikini as she teased outside by the pool and waterfall, some slow motion showing her twerking ass shaking as she worked her body so well. While Riley had the leanest body of the entire cast, she worked it quite well to show that attitude can get you a very long way in the jizz biz, her hair darker than I recall it being in some time. Riley smiled a lot during the tease and largely left her clothes on, her nipples poking through her sheer bra and the tease resuming inside the house against a white wall, a special effect used to display three of her (that would be cool, yes?) before she joined Prince Yahshua on a nearby white couch. He had no shirt on and she was still in her bikini undies, the pair kissing at length as she eyed his growing bulge in his pants, grabbing it and providing light kisses as he encouraged her to continue. Riley soon pulled his pecker out of his pants and started blowing him, her hand grasping the base while she savored the head, working on taking increasing amounts into her mouth as he moaned softly to push her further. Riley’s enthusiasm led to his pants getting ditched, the gal cradling his head as she helped lower him on the couch while beating his meat, deeper oral and nut nuzzling resulting in Prince getting a taste of her dripping snatch before she mounted him for some active vaginal riding positions. Their were into each other and the abundant use of slow motion aside, this portion of the scene showed a lot of energy and passion, her neatly trimmed pubic patch endearing as she impaled herself, Prince soon overwhelmed as he unleashed his seed onto her mug, Riley telling him she’d keep milking him except that it kept flowing so strongly, the gal swallowing the wad of manly juices with a big smile. The company website described the scene like this: “Riley Reid Has An Appetite For Big Black Cocks. And when Riley wants black cock she will not be denied. From UNDISPUTED Riley gets a hold of Prince Yahshua's big black truncheon and doesn't let go until it spews in her cute mouth. Riley Reid looks so cute but that belies her true intention to get fucked hard.....a lot. Don't let her innocence fool you, Riley's a whore.”

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