Only for cumshots fan

Only for cumshots fan

Friday, May 1, 2015

Beautiful Meteors: Gina Mond

Do you think is possible to play in only two movies and make history? In the history of mainstream cinema as in the porn this is possible because actor or actresses can make their mark and conquerer viewers with some performances really indelible. Gina Mond is one of these artists.
Meanwhile it is proper to make her the birthday wishes from us. We do not know how many years is today taking our Gina, we know that she was born on May 1, but could probably be a date chosen at random. When in doubt, we make them good wishes in the same way, according to not official sources she should have today 35 years. We know also that Gina is originally from New Jersey and was a Penthouse Model before take the heart of the most visionary among porn film directors. Gina is the wife of Philip Mond, the man who signed one of the greatest masterpieces in the history of adult cinema. "Zazel" was released in 1997 and won eight AVN Awards. Philip is a creative in purest state and gets behind the camera only when he is seized by inspiration. After the huge success of "Zazel" in fact we lost almost completely his tracks although in 1998, along with other directors, was one of the authors of "Amazing Sex Talk" which also contained a clip with Gina La Marca, among his muses in "Zazel". His new muse, however, since 2006 is his wife Gina, launched by Philip in another porn dream masterpiece. "Insexts" is a film absolutely surreal, especially in its long group scene where the protagonists along with Gina are also the stunning Alexis Amore, Jenaveve Jolie and Tory Lane. In that period Gina Mond is not only an actress for her husband: she is the offspring of his wildest erotic dreams but also a creative partner because the scenes of the subsequent film, "Sinema", released in 2007, are also the result of the creative genius of Gina that interprets them, some with the beautiful Chloe Dior. Since then, we are again waiting that the creativity of the great dutch filmmaker wakes up from sleep. He is like the sorcerer Merlin in "Excalibur" that after a great magic he needed to sleep and that sleep had an unspecified duration, it could last months or even years.

Meanwhile, in this post we see the beautiful Gina Mond protagonist of an intense threesome with two men, from "Sinema" ...

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